Admissions Welcome

    Thank you for your interest in BC High. Our mission since 1863 has been to form leaders of competence, conscience and compassion who seek to do all things ad majorem Dei gloriam – for the greater glory of God.

    Our distinguished and rigorous academic program offers 24 advanced placement courses, more than any other school in Eastern Massachusetts. These, in addition to the many honors and elective courses, prepare our graduates to attend the finest colleges and universities in the world. Complementing Boston College High School's commitment to intellectual excellence is the rich variety of cultural and athletic opportunities available in our extensive co-curricular program.

    If BC High sounds like the place where you would like to work and grow, your first step is to create an Eagle Admissions Account through which you will be able to sign up for a number of events and offerings. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you a happy, successful year.

    Jim Nicoletti
    Director of Admissions
    Created by students Nick O'Brien '15 and Noah Peterson '16

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    Admissions Office
    Boston College High School
    150 Morrissey Blvd.
    Boston, MA 02125

    Phone: 617-474-5010
    Fax: 617-474-5015
    E-mail: admissions@bchigh.edu
    Admissions Calendar
    High School Admissions Information Night
    6:00 PM
    Information night is an opportunity for prospective families to speak with BC High faculty members and meet administrators.

    HSPT and ISEE Administered at BC High
    8:30 AM

    Class of 2019 Admissons Application Deadline

    Financial Aid Application Deadline, Classes of 2019, 2021 and transfers for grades 8, 10 & 11

    Arrupe Admissions Information Night
    6:00 PM
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    The Grad at Grad is...
    Open to Growth:
    That is, he has matured as a person - emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially, religiously - to a level that reflects intentional responsibility for his growth; and he is beginning to reach out, seeking opportunities to stretch his mind, imagination, feelings, and religious consciousness. Read More