The Bet with De Smet

    St. Louis and Boston aren’t the only two competing for the title. BC High and De Smet Jesuit in St. Louis are engaging in some friendly rivalry, as the Red Sox take on the Cardinals in the World Series.
    Both schools have made a wager, putting a lot on the line but for a good cause.
    BC High students and faculty have been working diligently on a 4'x10' BC High Red Sox banner, which is scheduled to be mailed to De Smet, and displayed in their school main entry way as many days as the series last, if the Red Sox take home the championship.

    In addition to the support of BC High faculty Eleanor Chmiel, Kay Myers, and Pat McAllister, students
    Matt Hailey ‘14, Kyle Hubner ‘15, Declan Coyne ‘14, Chris Giubilo ‘14, Chris Poles ‘14, Cameron DeAngelo ‘16, Max Papile ‘16, Tim Burnes ‘16, Peter Keough ‘16, Dylan Foran ‘16, Trent Chinnaswamy ‘16, Todd Davison ’15 and others, collaboratively designed the banner in AP Studio Art.
    There are certainly a few other key standard conditions to this “World Series Wager”, the first being that the student body president and principal of the opposing school must wear a t-shirt representing the winning MLB team for a full school day. Secondly, the losing school will have to record a video of them singing a specific song; If St. Louis wins, it’s “Meet Me in St. Louis”. Lastly, the losing team plans to send the winning school a basket of local goodies.
    Regardless of the victory, both schools have agreed on two “Corresponding Acts of Solidarity” in which both schools will send their upcoming mission collection to a charitable organization in the opposing city. Both schools also plan to exchange pennants and display it as a reminder of this collaboration and to represent the solidarity of schools across the Jesuit network.
    There is, however, no doubt that BC High looks forward to hearing De Smet’s rendition of “Sweet Caroline” while enjoying some Kakao chocolate and Fitz’ root beer.

    View the official wager.