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Virtual Gathering

Featuring General Joseph F. Dunford '73 and Michael D. White '70

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

7:00 - 8:00 p.m. EST

Join us for a fascinating and intimate virtual discussion with General Joseph F. Dunford ’73, the 19th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Michael D. White ’70, former Chairman, CEO and President of DIRECTV. We look forward to seeing you for this unique celebration of philanthropy.

BC High’s 1863 Society recognizes generous donors who give $10,000 or more annually to support our shared Jesuit, Catholic mission. We are honored to host the inaugural 1863 Society event in gratitude for your important investment in our young men.

Guest Speakers

General Joseph F. Dunford '73

General Joe Dunford served as the 19th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. In that capacity, he was the senior ranking U.S. officer and the principal military advisor to the President, Secretary of Defense, and the National Security Council.

Prior assignments included service as the Commandant of the Marine Corps and the Commander of U.S. Forces and NATO Forces in Afghanistan.  He is a graduate of St Michael’s College and has graduate degrees from Georgetown University and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University.  General Dunford currently serves as the Chairman of the Board of the Injured Marine Semper Fi and America’s Fund and as a senior fellow at the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School.  He serves as a director on the boards of the Lockheed Martin Corporation, Bessemer Securities Corporation, the Travis Manion Foundation, and the Atlantic Council.  He is a co-chair of the Japan-U.S. Military Statesmen Forum.


Michael D. White '70

Michael D. White ’70 was born into a BC High family and is proud of the legacy his father, Thomas, began as a graduate of the Class of 1945. Mike was the first of his brothers to attend BC High traveling to Morrissey Boulevard from Walpole, MA. His brothers Tim ’71, Greg ’74, and nephew Chris ’00, are all proud to be Eagles!

Mike went onto Boston College, earning a Bachelor of Arts in English and Russian where he was also a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Furthering his education after BC, he received a Masters in International Relations from Johns Hopkins University which set the stage for his future professional endeavors.

He is the former chairman, president and chief executive officer of DIRECTV, a position he held from 2010 until his retirement in 2015. He was vice chairman and CEO of PepsiCo International from February 2003 until December 2009, which encompasses all of PepsiCo’s beverage, snack and food operations outside the U.S. and Canada.

Prior to taking charge of PepsiCo International in February 2003, he had been president and CEO of PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Among his other earlier positions with PepsiCo, which he joined in 1990 as vice president of planning, were senior vice president and chief financial officer for PepsiCo., Inc.; executive vice president and chief financial officer for Pepsi-Cola Company worldwide; and executive vice president and chief financial officer of Frito-Lay International.
He credits his long, successful career to the solid foundation he received while at BC High. Teachers like Brian Donaher ’55, fostered a passion for the Classics. A passion that taught him how to study and reflect which he carried with him everywhere he traveled.

In addition to his stellar career accomplishments, Mike is in his second year as a member of the Board of Directors of Bank of America Merrill Lynch and has been on the Board of Whirlpool Corporation for almost fifteen years. He also served a two-year term on the Board of Kimberly-Clark. In true BC High tradition, Mike is very involved in charitable work and serves as the Board Chair of Partnership for Drug Free Kids. His passion for Jesuit education has continued as he currently serves as a Trustee at Boston College.


McNeice Society

Each year, BC High honors its most generous donors as members of the McNeice Society, whose lifetime gifts, pledges, and planned giving intentions have totaled $1 million or more. This society is the foundation of our school.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Gregory E. Bulger ’68 & Mr. Richard Dix

    Patrick F. Cadigan Ph.D. RIP ’52

    Mr. Anthony J. Cantella RIP ’42

    Catholic Schools Foundation

    Mr. John F. Coleman ’49

    Mr. John A. Coppola ’61 & Ms. Martha Harley

    Mr. Joseph E. Corcoran RIP ’53, P’80,’82,’90, GP’11,’14,’17,’19

    Mr. Joseph T. Donahue ’74

    Estate of Arthur H. Cotter ’52

    Mr. & Mrs. John F. Ferraro ’73

    Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Hajjar ’82, P’16, ’18, ‘21

    Mr. Michael C. Hawley RIP ’56

    Mr. Lawrence H. Hyde RIP ’42

    The Jesuit Community at Boston College

    Mr. & Mrs. David M. Kelly ’60

    Attorney & Mrs. J. Frank Keohane ’53, GP’12,’14

    Mr. & Mrs. William F. McCall Jr. ’51

    Eugene G. McCarthy M.D. RIP ’52

    The Rev. Charles J. McCoy RIP ’43

    Mr. & Mrs. John P. McDonough ’72, P’13,’14,’16

    Mr. John A. McNeice Jr. ’50, GP’13

    Mr. & Mrs. John F. McQuillan Jr. ’83

    Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Mulvoy ’59

    Mr. & Mrs. John V. Murphy ’67 P’98

    Mr. William J. Murphy Jr. ’60 P’87, ’89, ’93, ’95, ‘09

    Mr. & Mrs. Frank E. Previte ’61

    Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Ricci ’63

    Mr. John J. Shaughnessy Sr. RIP ’44, P’73,’75,’79, GP’06,’08,’10,’10,’13

    Mr. & Mrs. John M. Shields ’79

    Mr. Thomas F. Shields RIP, P’78,’79, GP’06

    Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Sullivan Jr. ’71

    Mr. Gil Sullivan RIP ’62

    Edmond D. Villani Ph.D. ’64

    Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Walsh ’65

    Mr. Frank M. Ward RIP ’61

    Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. White ’70

    Yawkey Foundation 

1863 Society

BC High gratefully recognizes our donors who generously gave $10,000 or more in outright gifts of cash, securities, and property in the past year. Thank you for your generosity and commitment to our mission.

  • Anonymous (4)

    Amica Mutual Insurance Company

    Ballybreen-Drumaville Charitable Foundation

    BankBoston Charitable Foundation

    BCOP Associates Management LP

    Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Begley, P’18,’20,’22

    Mr. Henry J. Bertolon Jr. ’70

    BNY Mellon

    Mr. & Mrs. Gerald G. Bowe ’70

    Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Bowe ’77

    Mr. Gregory E. Bulger ’68 & Mr. Richard Dix

    William J. Butler Esq. RIP ’42 & Ms. Jane Hays

    Mr. & Mrs. Michael S. Cairo

    Mr. Andrew Casey ‘08

    Catholic Schools Foundation

    Century Bank and Trust Company

    Coca-Cola Refreshments

    Commonwealth Charitable Fund

    Mr. John M. Connors Jr.

    Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Corcoran ’82, P’17,’19

    Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Coughlin Jr. ’70

    Joseph M. Cronin Ed.D. RIP ’52, P’85,’86, GP’21

    Mr. Joseph M. Cronin Jr. ’85

    Mr. & Mrs. Timothy C. Cronin ’86, P’21

    Mr. & Mrs. Gerald M. Curtin ’84, P’14,’16

    Mr. & Mrs. Gerald R. Curtis, P’74,’79,’80, GP’12,’16,’18

    Mr. Michael P. D’Ambrosio ’66

    Mr. Richard A. Davey Jr. ’91 & Ms. Jane E. Willis

    Mr. John P. Dawley ’47

    Mr. & Mrs. Edward DeGraan, P’92, GP’22,’24

    Mr. & Mrs. Peter F. Dolan ’79

    Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Donato ’95

    Mr. Kevin J. Dunn ’70

    Mr. Thomas H. Dunn Jr. RIP ’64

    Mr. Peter A. Dyroff & Mrs. Catherine Curtin-Dyroff

    Estate of Gerard P. Williams ’50

    Estate of Paul D. O’Neil ’46

    Estate of Thomas L. O’Brien, Jr.

    Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Feehily ’88, P’17

    Fidelity Brokerage Services, LLC

    Mr. & Mrs. Paul J. Finnegan

    Mr. & Mrs. Norman P. Fitzgerald ’84

    Mr. James A. Fitzpatrick ’78

    Mr. Stephen E. Fix ’70

    Thomas F. Flynn Ph.D. ’70

    Mr. Robert W. Forman ’84, P’18,’20

    Frederic & Agnes Maloof Foundation, Inc.

    Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Fulchino ’64

    Mr. & Mrs. Michael B. Galvin ’88

    Mr. Xu Guang Gong & Mrs. Lixiang Yao

    Mr. Thomas J. Gosnell ‘59

    Goulston & Storrs

    Mr. & Mrs. James W. Green, P’13,’17

    Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Hajjar ’82

    Mr. Timothy Hartshorn & Mrs. Melissa Reilly, P’24

    Robert M. Higgins Esq.

    Mr. Joseph L. Hughes ’54

    Mr. Robert W. Hunter ’68

    Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hyde

    Dr. & Mrs. Vincent Iacono ’63

    International Citizens Fund

    Mr. & Mrs. William L. Jackson Jr. ‘96

    James W. O’Brien Foundation

    The Jesuit Community at Boston College

    John A. McNeice, Jr. Charitable Foundation

    John J. and Mary E. Shaughnessy Charitable Trust

    Dr. & Mrs. John F. Keaney ’79

    Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Keating ’86, P’19,’21

    Mr. David M. Kelly ’60

    Atty. & Mrs. J. Frank Keohane ’53, GP’12,’14

    Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Kester

    Langwater Capital Partners, LLC

    Mr. & Mrs. William J. LaPoint Jr. ’80

    Mr. Robert K. LaRocca ’61, P’99

    Lawrence H. Hyde Jr. Charitable Trust

    Mr. Roger P. LeBlanc ’71

    Mrs. Marie Lojek RIP P’68,’71,’73,’74

    Lojek Family: Michael ’68, William ’71, John ’73, Neal ‘74

    Mr. & Mrs. John P. Lydon ’03

    Mr. John J. Lynch ’49

    Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. MacDonald ’93, P’26

    Mr. John H. MacKinnon ’58, P’85,’86,’89,’95 GP’18

    Mrs. Rita M. Malloy

    Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Mastrocola Jr.

    Mr. George F. Matthews Jr. ’58

    Mr. Colin Maxey ’02 & Mrs. Jillian Maxey

    Mr. & Mrs. William F. McCall Jr. ’51

    Mr. & Mrs. John H. McCarthy, P’94,’99

    Mr. & Mrs. John P. McDonough ’72, P’13,’14,’16

    James J. McInnis Esq. ’53

    Ms. MaryBeth McInnis

    Mr. & Mrs. John G. McLaughlin ’87

    Mr. John A. McNeice Jr. ’50, GP’13

    Mr. & Mrs. John F. McQuillan Jr. ’83

    Mr. Michael A. Medici ’97 & Mrs. Amy Penfold

    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Monahan, P’21

    Morgan Stanley Global Impact Funding Trust, Inc.

    Morgan Stanley

    Mr. Joseph P. Mori Jr. ’59

    Mr. Edward R. Muldoon ’63 & Ms. Anne Li

    Mr. Gary J. Murphy ’78

    Mr. & Mrs. John V. Murphy ’67, P’98

    Mr. Michael J. Murphy ’82, P’15,’21

    Robert F. Muse Esq. ’65

    Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Niedermeyer Jr.

    Mr. Joseph E. Norberg ’64

    Mr. & Mrs. James M. Norton ’86, P’21,’22

    John J. Norton Esq. ’49

    Atty. John ’55 & Atty. Agnes O’Brien, P’91

    Atty. & Mrs. Timothy S. O’Donnell

    Mr. Paul D. O’Neil RIP ’46

    Mr. & Mrs. Souren G. Ouzounian ’85

    Mr. Gerard L. Pallotta ’71

    The Paul D. Schurgot Foundation, Inc.

    Michael C. Ray Esq. ’86

    Raymond James Charitable Endowment Fund

    Mr. Bernard Regan and Mrs. Grace Cotter Regan, P’12

    Mr. & Mrs. Stephen J. Ricci ’63

    Rockland Trust Charitable Foundation

    Mrs. Rosemarie Scully GP’21, ‘22

    Mr. & Mrs. John J. Shaughnessy Jr. ’75

    Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Shaughnessy ’79, P’06,’08,’10

    Mr. & Mrs. John M. Shields ’79, P’06

    William F. Shields M.D. ’78

    Mr. Martin J. St. George ’82

    State Street Corporation

    Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan D. Steele, P’22,’24

    Mr. Kevin W. Stone ’87

    Suffolk Cares Charitable Foundation, Inc.

    Dennis M. Sughrue Esq. ’83

    Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Sullivan Jr. ’71

    Mr. Maurice H. Sullivan Jr. ’63, P’89

    Mr. Neal E. Sullivan ’78

    Mr. Joseph F. Szymanski ’62

    Mr. and Mrs. Craig S. Tarantino, P’23

    The Pequot Charitable Foundation

    Mr. & Mrs. Paul V. Trendowicz, P’02

    Mr. & Mrs. Paul Verrochi, P’15

    Edmond D. Villani Ph.D. ’64

    Mr. Andrew W. Vincent ’06

    Mr. & Mrs. Richard D. Walsh ’65

    Mr. Emmanuel L. Wanandi ’87

    Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

    Mr. & Mrs. Peter L. Welsh, P’22

    Mr. & Mrs. Michael D. White ’70

    Mr. & Mrs. Mark R. Wiesenhahn, P’21

    Mr. & Mrs. Brian J. Wilk ’85, P’19,’21

    Mr. Gerard P. Williams RIP ’50

    Winifred M. Stenson Charitable Trust

    Mr. & Ms. Andrew Wolf, P’22,’23

For questions, please contact Jessica Karevicius, Director of Donor Relations and Special Events, at [email protected] or 617.474.5102. 

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