President's Welcome

President Grace Regan P'12


As we enter this new season, each passing day filled with more light and warmth, we must pause to give thanks for the year we have shared. Our BC High community has celebrated so many wonderful things this year – from another state hockey championship to the well-deserved retirement of our friend, Principal Steve Hughes ’73, P’98. The Class of 2019 graduated last month and will spend a few months in rest and preparation before traveling to colleges and universities across the country and globe to take the next step on their journey. We wish them the best and know they will continue to seek the magis in all that they do.
Spring is a season of rebirth and renewal, visible in the eagerness of the Class of 2020 to become seniors, and in the companionship with which our faculty and staff welcomed our new principal, Adam Lewis. Nowhere is this spring swell more present than the renaissance of our fine and performing arts programs. My time at BC High has featured a steady stream of intentional efforts to redouble and refocus our commitment to the fine arts. These include the renovation of the Bulger Performing Arts Center last fall, the formation of a new Arts Council, the addition of new arts classes and programming, the revival of the Corcoran Living Library Lecture Series, and honoring the arts as the focus of this summer’s BC High Magazine.
In this endeavor it is important to remember that love for the arts at BC High is nothing new. It is built into the very foundation of this school. After our founding, and long before we adopted Cardinal Cushing’s motto of “Ut Cognoscant Te” we shared one with Boston College: “Religioni et Bonis Artibus” – “To Religion and the Fine Arts.” The Jesuits held the arts in such esteem that they placed it alongside religion as the focus of this great institution. They knew the ways in which art can deepen and enhance our lives and our appreciation of the human experience.
In this spring season of rebirth and renewal, from the budding blossoms to the Easter Miracle, this blooming arts initiative is a return to form – a return to who we were always called to be.