Corcoran Library

More than just a collection of books or a place to study, the Corcoran Library plays a key role in the life of a BC High student. It is constantly buzzing with young men as they tackle group projects, discuss what they are reading and watching, work through math problems, or quickly print an essay just in time for class. Students of all ages and interests flock to the library first thing in the morning, during lunch and after last bell to study, meet and explore.
The Corcoran Library is open to students, faculty and staff members. Our hours are from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.Monday through Friday. The Library Council meets every Wednesday at 8 a.m. in the Great Books Room.

Resources & Facilities

The Corcoran Library has two computer labs for class use where they have the opportunity to learn computer programming, discuss digital photography or discover the library’s many resources. The library also has two quiet study areas, a courtyard, a new Learning Commons where students congregate to work collaboratively, as well as:

  • 35 PC computers
  • 28 Mac computers
  • 25,000 books (including eBooks)
  • 25 magazine subscriptions
  • 40 research databases

Contact Us

For more information about the Corcoran Library, please contact Alexander Williams, Library Director, at