Lawrence H. Hyde '42 Center for Global Education

Hyde Scholars Program

The BC High Hyde Global Scholars Program provides students with opportunities to demonstrate exemplary cultural competence, exceptional communication skills, significant awareness of our interconnectedness and a passion to become engaged citizens of the world.
By participating in international travel, showing a commitment to a second language, and expanding concrete knowledge on global issues, Hyde Scholars will codify their learning by participating in a cohort research project, leading on-campus and community events, and reflecting on their personal journey of what it means to be citizens of the world.  

Students in the Hyde Global Scholars program will:
  • experience other cultures through global immersion;
  • participate in projects and extracurricular activities with global themes;
  • hone their ability to communicate effectively in a second language;
  • deepen their understanding of their own cultural and spiritual identity;
  • work towards a broadened awareness of the interconnectedness of the world and the beauty of its diversity;
  • demonstrate solidarity with people and cultures outside of their own immediate context and identity;
  • critically analyze global concerns and injustices;
  • produce and present an independent portfolio of projects, assignments and reflections.

In order to be recognized as a Hyde Global Scholar, students must complete the following criteria:

List of 6 items.

  • Participate in an International Experience

    1. Students must participate in a Hyde Center international travel program between 9th and 12th grade. Non-Hyde Center travel programs will be reviewed and approved at the discretion of the Hyde Global Scholar Review Committee. Students must submit an International Travel Approval Form for trips not run through the Hyde Center.  
  • Demonstrate Proficiency and Confidence in a Second Language

    1. Students must take four consecutive years of the same language (or maximum years of the allotted offering).

    2. Students must demonstrate a sustained engagement with their language of choice, which can be demonstrated in a variety of manners (including but not limited to oral assessment, presentation, documentary video or formalized conversation). 
  • Serve as a Global Ambassador

    Hyde Global Scholars are the most important and experienced advocates to broaden perspectives within the larger BC High community.  This requirement asks each student think about he you can best use his experiences as a Global Ambassador, and be willing to assist the Hyde Center and visiting groups when called upon.  These events may include Open House, Admissions Events, MMP discussion groups, or other school-wide events in which the Hyde Center has been asked to participate.  
  • Engage in the Global Speaker Series

    The Hyde Center will present a new series of global speakers each semester. These speakers will share their experiences, customs and cultures from their own unique global perspective. Hyde Scholars will attend a minimum of three speakers each year to broaden their understanding and perspective of global issues.
  • Complete a Cohort-based Research Project

    Students will complete a global exploration project of choice with their cohort.  Students will choose members of their cohort to investigate one of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. The research involved will foster a deeper understanding of the interactions between global cultures, countries, religions or civilizations. 

    The focus of this project will be to research elements of the chosen sustainability goal, and through research, propose several ways to solve the issue.  In addition, you will make a connection and participate in a BC High community event that relates to your chosen Sustainability Goal (e.g., Solidarity Sleepout, Green Eagles Club, St. Louis Project, La Silla Roja).  The cohort may use several years to complete this project.

    This project and your findings  will be presented to the wider BC High community at a designated Global Education Evening. A Bibliography/work cited component must be included.
  • Develop a Personal Narrative Summarizing Global Experiences

    This task involves a thoughtful response to participating in Hyde Global Scholars.  Your narrative must:

    1. explain the personal importance and impact of the different components of the Hyde Scholars program, and how they have influenced your thinking about international issues and global citizenship.
    2. comment on how you hope to develop your global citizenship skills beyond BC High.
    3. answer this question: “Why is being a globally informed citizen important in today’s world?”.
    You are not limited in how you choose to convey your answers to these questions.
    Possibilities include:

    • producing a high-quality multimedia presentation or photo essay
    • a formal essay
    • an e-portfolio scrapbook that highlights specific aspects of your learning
    • writing a newspaper article for publication
    • creating an artistic response
    • numerous other opportunities based on student interests   

Hyde Global Scholar Cohorts

Students wishing to be Hyde Global Scholars must declare their interest and apply no later than the fall deadline of their sophomore year. Hyde Global Scholar cohorts form during the student’s junior year, while requirements of the program must be completed by senior year.


Hyde Global Scholars are expected to go above and beyond, demonstrating active learning and progression in becoming citizens of the world.  Upon successful completion of the program, Hyde Global Scholars will receive an additional 1.0 honor credit, and will graduate with a special designation as a Hyde Global Scholar in the graduation program.