Rome, Italy

The Rome Latin Seminar will provide a direct experience for Classics Students that will integrate Roman history, literature, and language with the students' previous study of Ancient Rome. 
This opportunity will make the Classics alive for any student studying Latin.  Students will spend a week in Rome exploring monuments and ruins such as the Roman Forum, Colosseum, Circus Maximus, Ara Pacis, and the Capitoline Museums. In addition, students will visit the Vatican Museums and St. Peter's Basilica.  They will also travel to the ancient city of Ostia Antica. Students will be assigned nightly readings on Roman Architecture and city life in Ancient Rome. At each site, students will participate in daily lectures on the history and architecture and their impact on the culture of ancient Rome.

Students will have the opportunity of declaiming Cicero in the Roman Forum, seeing the Theater of Pompey where Caesar was assassinated or walking through the ancient ruins of the Pantheon or the Palatine Hill.

Students will receive academic credit for this seminar.

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  • Eligibility

    Students are eligible to travel during their sophomore, junior or senior year. Interested freshmen must contact the Hyde Center to inquire about participation.  This program is specifically designed for students enrolled in Latin. Interested students not currently enrolled in Latin will need to contact the Vice President of Global Mission and Identity. 
  • Academic Credit

    This program will offer .25 credit that will be officially listed on the student’s transcript and will be used when factoring a student’s cumulative GPA. Please note that the credit offered does not replace any required classes at BC High.
  • Housing & Program Leadership

    For this program, students will stay in housing arranged by the Paideia Institute.  While equivalent in comfort to a basic hotel, students and adult leaders will stay in religious housing rather than typical hotels.  In partnership with a full-time leader from the Paideia Institute, this program will also be led by two full-time BC High faculty members.
  • Program Costs

    Estimated at $3850 - Cost includes airfare, tuition, board, breakfast, dinner, travel within Rome, and entrance fees. Expenses that are not included are: airport meals, program lunches, personal items, and services such as passport fees, phone calls, and personal spending money. (Final cost is determined by participation.) As this program is in partnership with an outside organization limited financial aid is available through the application process.
  • Program Dates

    This trip will take place during February vacation week in 2021, and is offered every two years. In the years it is not available, a trip to Athens, Greece will be offered.

Have a Question?

Please contact Jenny Ehalt, Associate Director, Hyde Center at or 617-474-5017 to learn more about the program or to set up a time to meet.

At a Glance

Program: Rome Latin Seminar, The Paideia Institute

Location: Rome, Italy

Year Program Established: 2016; will be offered every two years

Type of Experience: Academic

Length of Stay: Approximately one week

Group Size: 12-18 students 

Language Requirements: Enrolled in Latin