Lawrence H. Hyde '42 Center for Global Education

Peretti Scholars

¿ Hablas español?  The Peretti Scholars are a group of students committed to studying conversational Spanish during their time at BC High.
With gratitude to the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation, the Hyde Center has established the Peretti Scholars Program.  Peretti Scholars commit to studying Spanish in a conversational cohort for three academic years, beginning with the summer prior to Freshman Year.

Learn more about the Nando and Elsa Peretti Foundation here.

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  • Program Goals

    While there will be differences in the way that these students develop their skills, the ultimate outcome is for them to exhibit advanced linguistic proficiency and heightened cultural awareness by the time they begin senior year.  Through their enthusiasm and commitment to the study of the language, these students provide critical leadership and serve as role models for their peers in their language classes.
    Students will:
    • Increase their level of conversational Spanish skills
    • Enhance their confidence and proficiency in Spanish
    • Understand their own culture by exploring others
    • Increase their creativity
    • Enhance their skills in their traditional Spanish course
  • Program Requirements

    In addition to a traditional Spanish course, Peretti Scholars:

    • Must sign a pledge of commitment to speaking only in Spanish during meetings of the cohort
    • Meet as a cohort one morning and one lunch per cycle
    • Practice conversation skills one-on-one, meeting weekly with a Spanish-speaking mentor
    • Actively pursue out-of-school Spanish opportunities
    • Develop a robust command of conversational vocabulary
  • Selection Criteria

    Cohorts form once per academic year, once the application period is announced each spring.
    •  All 8th grade students with at least one year of Spanish language study are eligible to apply.
    • Students are selected based upon a recommendation and interview process.
    • Each student must be willing to commit to three full years of study in addition to his traditional Spanish course.
    • Each student must commit to the three required summer sessions.
  • How to Apply

    Applications for the 2020-21 academic year have been sent to incoming freshmen enrolled in Spanish next year. Applications are due by May 15th. If you have any questions or have not yet received the application via email, please contact Colleen O’Hara at
In addition to academic credit and the Seal of Biliteracy provided by the State of Massachusetts and ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages), the cohort will travel with the Hyde Center for Global Education to Colombia with a partial grant provided by the Peretti Foundation.  Travel will occur between the students’ Junior and Senior years at BC High.