Hanoi, Vietnam

In collaboration with Blue Dragon, a local foundation working with street children and issues of human trafficking, the Vietnam Service Immersion program allows students to accompany the organization in its vibrant mission. 
In addition to performing community service, students will participate in cultural activities throughout the trip. The majority of their time will be spent in Hanoi and Hue. Exploring Hue by bicycle, experimenting with traditional fishing on bamboo canoes, and participating in local farming and cooking are all part of this experience which is packed with service, movement, opportunity, and excitement. For this program, Junior students will receive service and retreat credit and Seniors will receive retreat credit. 

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  • Eligibility

    Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors are eligible to participate in this program.
  • Program Expectations

    Participating in a service immersion trip is a privilege that must be approached with prayer, wisdom, and discernment. Students will need to fulfill all necessary requirements for pre-trip departure, on-site experiences and post-trip reflection.  Students will meet with their group leaders for these preparation meetings several times throughout the school year. Juniors will receive service and retreat credit for this program. Seniors will receive retreat credit for their participation.
  • Program Costs

    Estimated at $3,100. Cost includes tuition, board, meals, travel within Vietnam and entrance fees. Expenses that are not included: round-trip air travel, personal items, services such as passport fees, phone calls and personal spending money. (Final cost is determined by participation and final program.) Financial aid is available through the application process.
  • Program Dates

    This 10-day trip will take place in April and will use a combination of class time and April vacation. Students should anticipate missing 3-4 days prior to April vacation.

Have a Question?

Please contact Jenny Ehalt, Associate Director, Hyde Center at jehalt@bchigh.edu or 617-474-5017 to learn more about the program or to set up a time to meet.

At a Glance

Location: Hanoi and Hue, Vietnam
Partners: Worldstrides and Blue Dragon ( website )

Year Program Established: 2020 (Inaugural trip)
Program Theme: Service Immersion
Length of Stay: 10-11 days
Language Requirements: None

Group Size: 8 - 12 Students