BC High's academic and co-curricular offerings place us in the top tier of Greater Boston independent schools. For our stu­dents. this means life-changing experiences in the classroom. cherished memories. and enduring friendships. It also means a lasting ethical foundation that prepares them to excel at col­lege and throughout their careers.

So Much More Than Classwork

Learning at BC High encompasses everything from service programs and co-curricular activities to international opportunities and personalized guidance and support. Thanks to these experiences, our students come to embody the characteristics of the Graduate at Graduation and go on to distinguish them­selves at some of the most selective colleges and universities in the nation.

We maintain a strong financial aid program in order to make this education avail­able to as many qualified, deserving students as possible. We believe a diverse community rich in varied perspectives benefits all our students and that each person's worldview is enhanced by learning from the experiences of others. This includes students from varied economic, racial, and religious backgrounds, who thrive in an environment that celebrates and respects different traditions and frameworks. By working to limit tuition costs and increase financial aid, we foster an exceptionally inclusive environment that provides an unmatched preparation for the next stages of their life.

Taken together, it is impossible to put a price on the lasting influence our community has on our students, and on the success it inspires them to achieve.