Q & A With New BC High Principal, Mr. Adam Lewis

With the school year right around the corner, and Fall Athletic Teams soon to be arriving on campus, we took the time to ask a few questions to our new Principal, Mr. Adam Lewis
Q: What made you decide to come to Boston and BC High?
Adam Lewis: "I spent two years in Boston in 2009 and 2010, studying and working at Boston College. As part of that I spent some time at BC High. Our eldest son was born in Boston and we love the city. It was always our desire to return to Boston and I am particularly passionate about Jesuit education, so BC High was the dream. I have spent the last twenty years working in Jesuit high schools in Ireland, Australia and the US and am deeply committed to the mission of BC High, and our commitment to forming good men."
Q: What is your view on how Athletics can shape the overall make-up of a Jesuit high school?
Adam Lewis: "It is central to the formation of young men. Ours is more than an education. It is a process of formation and transformation. The key to this is relationship and connection. For many of our students, their connection with their school and their key relationships exist through their sport of choice, which they feel passionately about. There are wonderful lessons that can be learned through involvement in athletics, such as team work, selflessness, work ethic, graciousness in defeat, and humility in victory. Athletics is an extraordinarily powerful lens by which we can unearth the deeper purpose of Jesuit education."
Q: Did you play any sports growing up in Australia:
Adam Lewis: "Yes, I played a range of sports growing up in Australia. Sport occupies a very special place in Australian cultural landscape. My main sports were cricket, which every Australian kid plays at some point it seems, and rugby.
Q: We know you are coming from a Jesuit HS in New York. Everyone in Boston wants to know, who is your favorite professional team(s)? 
Adam Lewis: "All Boston. We were in Boston before New York! I actually supported the Boston/New England teams from a young age. The Red Sox and Patriots share the same colors as my beloved rugby league team in Australia, the Sydney Roosters. So that sealed the deal!"