Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Program

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  • How is remote learning taking place?

    BC High began a remote learning program on Monday, March 16. Starting on Monday, April 27, of next week, we will follow our usual daily schedule each day, except on Wednesday, in which case Fine Arts and Group Guidance classes will be the only classes that meet.  In addition, on Wednesday afternoon, students will have time to meet with teachers or with co-curricular groups.  An outline of the schedule was emailed to students last week.

    The priorities of the remote learning program is to 1) ensure how students remain connected to each other and to their community and to sustain relationships and 2) to ensure continuity of learning.
  • What if a student does not have access to high-speed internet?

    If you know a student who needs mobile tools or connectivity, he should contact his guidance counselor who will set him up with the appropriate technology.
  • Will students be able to speak with their guidance counselors?

    Guidance and adjustment counselors would like to remind students and parents that remote support is available via email or Zoom. Students can contact their guidance counselor or one of the adjustment counselors, Ms. Green ( and Dr. Pender ( by email. Guidance and adjustment counselors will make efforts to be available to meet with students via Zoom from 1 – 3 p.m. during school days. Guidance counselors will also conduct their regular guidance classes so will be meeting with their students regularly, both collectively and individually. 
    If your son receives outside counseling, please reach out to his provider to continue to access those services in some way.
    For additional support, text HOME to 741741 for the Crisis Text Line, or call or text the Samaritans at 877-870-4673. ‬‬‬‬‬
  • How will grades be handled?

    We anticipate students being able to do classwork and coursework for the same amount of time when we are functioning remotely. Teachers will ask students to submit assignments through Canvas and will grade the work. Your attendance is important. Your learning is important.
  • Will teachers have office hours?

    Teachers are available for virtual office hours between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. on school days. They will each let students know if they can best reach them by Zoom, Canvas, or email during that time.
  • Will attendance be taken?

    Teachers will be taking attendance in all of their virtual classes. If a student is unable to participate in class(es), we ask that your parent/guardian follow the following 2-part procedure: A parent/guardian must email Patti Durkin, of Student Affairs, at from a parent/guardian email account that is registered on our website, indicating why their son(s) cannot participate in classes. The parent/guardian must then call the attendance line (617.474.5111) and leave a message which confirms the information in the email. Students will be held accountable for missed classes and work. The student should also email the teacher(s) directly.
  • What is the plan for graduation?

    We are committed to conducting the graduation physically onsite. While it is still difficult to be definitive given the uncertainty of our current context, we are working through a number of scenarios that we are currently considering. We want us to gather as a community the way we have for generations to mark your entering into the world as proud BC High Alumni. It is a world that needs you to be committed to serving it, as contemplatives in action. And we want to have a ceremony that marks how important we find your lives ahead. We are exhausting all options to try and have this ceremony in person. We really do not want to consider a virtual graduation ceremony, unless there is absolutely no other alternative.
  • What is the School’s plan for fall 2020?

    The first day of school for the ’20-’21 school year is September 8, 2020. We are planning to be together in person on that date. Should we need to alter our plans, we will inform our community as needed.
  • As a parent/guardian, how can I best support my son(s)?

    There are many different resources that we can provide if you are interested. If you have a particular concern that relates to your son directly, we suggest contacting his guidance counselor or one of our adjustment counselors. 

    If you are looking for tips and advice on how to best navigate our current reality with your son(s), please find additional resources here.
    See the following resources related to supporting your son during this challenging time: 

Student Life and Athletics

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  • When can students retrieve all their belongings from their lockers?

    With the closing of the physical campus for the remainder of the 2019-20 academic year, we realize that students will need to get back into the building, at some point, to retrieve any remaining belongings in their lockers. Plans for that will be forthcoming, as we look to accommodate the student body in this endeavor while still adhering to the guidelines put forth by the health agencies. If your son needs something from school in the meantime, feel free to reach out to Hollis Brooks at and accommodations will be made.
  • Are co-curricular activities being offered remotely?

    There are a number of clubs and activities that continue to meet virtually. If your son is interested in finding out how to get involved, we suggest he contact his guidance counselor for more information.
  • How will my son complete his service hours for the year?

    It is obviously very difficult for students to complete their service requirements this year, so this has been put on hold and will be revisited in September when the students are hopefully back on site. We acknowledge that all of our students are serving through this period of isolation and quarantine for the betterment of our world, and this is credited to their service requirement for this year.

College Counseling

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  • The March, May, and June SAT’s were canceled. What can students do about testing?

    In response to the impact of COVID-19, the College Board will no longer be administering the SAT and SAT Subject Tests on June 6, 2020.
    Students will, however, have more opportunities to take the SAT. When deemed safe, the College Board will provide weekend SAT administrations every month through the end of the calendar year, beginning in August. This includes a new administration in September and the previously scheduled tests on August 29, October 3, November 7, and December 5.
    Students will be able to register for these administrations beginning in May. They will communicate directly with students when the exact date is available. Eligible students will be able to take the exam with a fee waiver. Students who were registered for June and those in the high school class of 2021 who do not have SAT scores will have early access to registration for the August, September, and October administrations.
    Please be aware that due to the cancellations this spring, there may be a very high demand for the SAT administrations later this year.
  • Will students be able to take the AP exams in May?

    AP Testing Update: The primary website to find information is located here:
    Here is important information for students taking AP exams:
    Accommodations: Additional details about testing accommodations for students with disabilities is now posted on the coordinator section of the website at:
    Students Will Be Emailed Exam Information: Students who are registered to take an exam will receive an email with exam information at the email address the student provided in their College Board student account. It’s important that students can access from home the email address they provided. You may want to check students’ email addresses. It’s also important that students indicate their school correctly in their My AP registration, to ensure accurate score reporting. To ensure all school staff and students with email accounts sponsored by your school receive our messages, you should have your network administrator whitelist the domain for web applications and for emails. Remind everyone to check their spam/junk folders for lost messages and to make sure their College Board account profile has their correct email address.
    Student Practice Questions: Students now have access in their MyAP account to Topic Questions that will help them prepare for the exam. These questions do not require assignments from teachers and are available to “Exam Only” students as well.
    Student Video Lessons: Please encourage students to access the AP YouTube channel to get review information to help prepare for the exam. All the live courses are recorded so students can access them on demand. We have begun airing Master Classes hosted by well-known and/or celebrity guest instructors. Emmy-award winning actor Tony Hale and economist Janet Yellen will join two courses this week. Tony Hale’s AP English Language session (4/20: 3-3:45pm EDT) will focus the storytelling process, navigating the process of storytelling, anxiety, and bringing your own story and experience to your work. Janet Yellen’s AP Macroeconomics session (4/21: 5-5:45pm EDT) will focus on monetary policy, the federal government’s role in the current situation, economics and financial programs. Our goal is to elevate role models who demonstrate that practice and hard work in school can translate into a successful career, a particularly critical approach for underrepresented students. We also hope this brings some joy to young people at a time when they really need it.
    Parent Webinar: The parent webinar that was held last week is recorded and can be accessed here: The focus of this webinar is on how parents can help their students prepare for this year’s exam and how colleges and universities consider AP in their admissions policies. The panelists provide generous examples from their role as AP parents as well as educators.
    Students Without Internet or a Device: We recognize that some students may not have access to the tools and connectivity they need to review AP content online and take the exam. If you know a student who needs mobile tools or connectivity, you can reach out to us directly to let us know—just fill out this form by April 24.
  • What do you suggest for juniors who hoped to make college visits this Spring?

    Navigate 2020 Virtual Conference and College Fair May 4 - 6: Juniors, please be aware of this free event, featuring three days of live-stream expert presentations for students and families and a concurrent virtual college fair with fully interactive booths. Students will be able to chat live with college admission representatives. The event will be live for three days. After three days of live interactions, this event will remain posted at the event site until the COVID-19 crisis is over.  Space is limited; please register immediately at

    StriveScan's Virtual College Exploration Program has expanded! Juniors, please visit, create an account, and have the opportunity to register for presentations offered by 450 colleges in 47 states and 13 countries. The presentations will be running until May 8. This is a great way to explore colleges from afar with minimal effort. 
    YouVisit: This is a web site providing links to virtual tours of over 600 colleges. Please see
    College webinars: Cialfo, a company based in Singapore, provides links to free webinars offered by a variety of colleges/universities. Domestic universities include Drexel, Loyola Marymount, and Johns Hopkins.
  • How will juniors be able to connect with guidance counselors to discuss college plans?

    Guidance and adjustment counselors would like to remind students and parents that remote support is available via email or Zoom. Students can contact their guidance counselor or one of the adjustment counselors, Ms. Green ( and Dr. Pender ( by email. Guidance and adjustment counselors will make efforts to be available to meet with students via Zoom from 1 – 3 p.m. during school days. 

Community Support

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Alumni Support

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  • When will Reunion be held?

    Grand Reunion has been rescheduled for Saturday, October 3, 2020 to coincide with Alumni Homecoming and Family Weekend. After carefully monitoring the situation surrounding the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), school leadership and our Alumni Advisory Council felt this decision is in the best interest of our alumni, guests, corporate sponsors and vendors. Special thanks to our Reunion Committees for their leadership at this challenging time. 

    Celebrating Class Years: 1975, 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2005, 2010, 2015
  • When with the Golden Jubilarian celebration be held?

    The 50th Reunion Committee in partnership with BC High's Alumni Office moved to reschedule Reunion to align with Alumni Homecoming & Family Weekend planned for October 2-3, 2020.
  • How are BC High alumni supporting each other during this time?

    The BC High alumni network has once again proven to be a source of great pride for the school. There are many different ways in which our alumni are helping each other out during this time of uncertainty. For more information, visit

School Operations

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  • What is open and closed on campus?

    A reminder that no member of the BC High community should be onsite during the period of closure due to COVID-19, unless permission has been granted from the president or principal. Anyone entering the campus buildings will need to wear an appropriate face covering. Your support is appreciated.
  • How has BC High changed its operations in response to COVID-19?

    The campus facilities and fields are currently closed and all projects have been put on hold. All faculty and staff continue to work remotely. The facilities are monitored by privately security and BC High security 24 hours/day. Buildings are being cleaned regularly and a deep clean of all surfaces will happen periodically throughout the closure.


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  • Is it still possible to apply for fall 2020?

    While we have met our enrollment projections for the classes enrolling in the Fall, we are happy to talk with families whose plans for the Fall have changed and they are newly considering BC High.  We cannot guarantee that a spot will exist, but we welcome you to contact to start a conversation.
  • Is it possible to visit campus?

    A physical visit to campus is not possible at this time, but we will make arrangements for you to tour campus with us virtually.


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Summer Programs

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  • Will BC High be running the summer programs as planned?

    BC High is the perfect place to spend part of your summer! Here, girls and boys entering grades 5 through 11 can challenge themselves while enhancing their interests in more than 30 specialized programs, including sports camps, academic courses, and specialty programs.
    Academic Courses include ACT and SAT test prep, College Essay & Common App as well as Math, Science, Writing and Study Skills. There are also course offerings for credit in Digital Photography, Intro to Drawing, Chemistry, Intro to Greek and Physics.
    Sports Camps are available for all ability levels in afternoon Football, full day Baseball, Soccer and Basketball, and Lacrosse clinics in the evening.
    Specialty Programs specifically for both girls and boys in grades 5-8, include STEM Camps; Minecraft, Tinkers, Rockers, Gamers and Code!, Make your own Video. Art Camp, Cooking Camp and All Sports.
    Program dates vary and run from June 22 through August 14. All camps and courses are led by experienced BC High faculty and coaches, as well as program professionals from across the state. Registration is open to all here.
    If you have questions about Summer Programs at BC High please email or call, Beth Johns-Thomas, Summer Programs Director, at 617-474-5181
  • Will there be any opportunity for BC High students to take more classes over the summer? Will they be offered remotely?

    BC High Summer Programs offers a variety of academic courses. ACT and SAT test prep, College Essay & Common App as well as Math, Science, Writing and Study Skills. There are also course offerings for credit in Digital Photography, Intro to Drawing, Chemistry, Intro to Greek and Physics. 

    Given the uncertainty of our current context, it may be necessary to offer summer academic courses remotely. We are keenly aware that this may become a reality and will update the community as necessary. 


Health and Wellness

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  • What are the steps BC High is taking to keep the coronavirus from campus?

    Our fields and facilities are currently closed and being monitored by 24-hr security, except for the Jesuit community who lives on campus. Anyone that is required to enter the building must wear a face covering and gloves.
  • What are the steps I can take to stay healthy?

    It is important to take the following actions to stay healthy:
    • Wash your hands frequently. Use warm water and soap. This can't be done often enough.
    • Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue or your elbow when you sneeze or cough.
    • Do not sneeze or cough into your hands.
    • Students are required to stay home if they have a temperature, sore throat, achy joints, and/or severe cold symptoms.
    Call your doctor if you have questions about your son's symptoms.

    Please keep in mind that students can feel anxious and overwhelmed with information and negative news. They need us to be calm and reassuring.