Faith and Service

Campus Ministry

Animated by the vision of St. Ignatius Loyola and the Society of Jesus, BC High seeks to provide the student body with a well-rounded program of studies and activities, aimed at the formation of character and the promotion of the faith that does justice.
The Campus Ministry office seeks to support and challenge the spiritual formation of our students, faculty and staff in a manner that is both inviting and respectful of each person’s faith tradition and personal experience. Each of our programs is open to persons of all faiths and denominations. Through liturgical and sacramental experiences, all-student retreats, faith-based community outreach and formation programs, Campus Ministry enables students to grow in faith, and prepares them for active participation in both their religious and civic communities through service to others.

Loss in Our Community

If you’ve experienced a recent loss in your family, please contact us so we can keep your family in our prayers and offer any support.