Faith and Service
Campus Ministry


The Campus Ministry office oversees liturgical life in the school. Daily Mass is celebrated every weekday morning in Loyola Chapel at 6:45 a.m. and 7:40 a.m.

McNeice Pavilion will be the site for school-wide liturgies and prayer services. Parents are always welcome to join us. The liturgies include:

Mass of the Holy Spirit
On this day, the Boston College High School community comes together to pray for the first time of the new year.  A date is selected and announced each year.

All Saints Day Liturgy
All Saints Day is a feast every year on November 1 and provided that does not land on a weekend, our community gathers to celebrate it. During our liturgy, we celebrate all those who have entered Heaven and remember them fondly.

Thanksgiving Liturgy
A day where our community comes together to celebrate the things we are thankful for, to reflect on the success of our recently completed Hunger Awareness Program and to reflect on the success of our community up to that point.

Mass of the Immaculate Conception
This is a day where we come together to celebrate the feast of the Immaculate Conception on December 8 if it falls on a weekday. The feast of the Immaculate Conception celebrates Mary's being born filled with divine grace so as to be able to bring the Son of God into the world.

Advent Liturgy
As the first semester winds down to a close, our community pauses and gathers for prayer before the holiday break.

MLK Ecumenical Prayer Service
Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the community gathers together in prayer around the themes of justice in our community and Christian ecumenism.  

Ash Wednesday Liturgy
On the first day of Lent, our community gathers to celebrate Ash Wednesday.

Ascension Thursday Liturgy
Forty days after Easter, our community comes together to celebrate the ascension of Jesus Christ.

Liturgy Involvement

There are many opportunities for student involvement at each of our school-wide liturgies. Students can participate through reading Scripture and Prayers of the Faithful, being a Eucharistic Minister, being an Altar Server, being an Usher and getting involved with the Liturgical Music Choir.