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Retreats have the extraordinary potential to interpret, evaluate, and assign meaning to what is being learned in the classroom, what is being assimilated through the environment of the school experience, to bring into focus how the student is being challenged and the response demanded from such challenges.

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  • Freshmen Retreat

    The Freshmen retreat is focus of this retreat is the students’ entry into the BC High community. The students’ “creation” is the central theme: how they are being created by this community and how they are contributing to the ongoing creation of this community. This retreat also supports the efforts of the students’ religious education classes in teaching and engaging the Ignatian history and tradition upon which BC High was founded.
  • Sophomore Retreat

    Sophomores participate in a retreat at with their religion class. The theme of the sophomore retreat is "Who am I?" This retreat challenges students to thoughtfully and prayerfully reflect on their lives in terms of their identity, internal and external influences, and significant moments. This retreat also supports the efforts of the students’ religious education classes in the teaching and engagement with scripture.

Retreat Options for juniors and seniors

Juniors and seniors must participate on one retreat in their last two years here at BC High. This retreat requirement is also a graduation requirement. Below are the retreat options for juniors and seniors. Students of all faiths are welcome to every retreat.

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  • Kairos Retreat

    “Kairos” in Greek can be translated as “significant moment.” This retreat happens several times throughout the year, and invites students to meet God and walk with Christ at a significant moment in their BC High experience. Kairos begins after school on Wednesday and ends mid-afternoon on Saturday. It takes place at the Craigville Conference Center on the Cape. Generally 40+ students attend, led by a team of seniors and faculty members.

    Themes include: knowing ones self, discovering God in a personal way, recognizing and responding to God’s call, and living the message of Christ. 
  • Discover Retreat

    The Discover Retreat focuses on discernment: how does one make good decisions in life; how does one consider his vocation in the broadest sense.

    Students reflect upon their God-given talents and abilities and then are invited to consider how their great desires/joys might meet the world’s great needs. Discover is a two day retreat. It takes place at Toah Nipi Retreat Center in NH. Generally 20-30 students attend, led by an adult and student team. Some Discover retreats are co-ed.
  • The Monastic Retreat

    The Monastic Retreat has three prominent goals for the juniors/seniors who make this retreat:
    1. Students will get a taste of living and praying with Trappist monks, who can trace their foundations back to the Sixth Century and St. Benedict. This incredible experience requires them to follow the tradition of the daily schedule of the monks.

    2. Students will learn the art of monastic prayer by chanting the psalms, silence, walking, and lectio divina (sacred reading); and thus coming to know God in a very different and ancient way.

    3. Students will “unplug” and detach themselves from the stresses and anxieties of their current lives and experience the peace of the monastic life. Students will reflect on themselves and their relationships through sessions with the group and a member of the Trappist community. Students will contemplate God through the beauty of the hills of Spencer, MA.
  • Grandeur Wilderness Retreat

    This retreat is composed of 12 students and 3 adults, offering the students an opportunity to pay attention to the movement of God in their lives in the setting of the majestic and challenging terrain of the White Mountains. Prior to the retreat, the group prepares for the physical, mental, and spiritual dynamics of the retreat. Days are spent hiking, in conversation, in silence, and in prayer. The retreat is designed for 3 days and takes place at Crawford Notch, NH in an AMC accommodation. It is run during the fall and spring.
  • Glory and Beauty Retreat

    The Glory and Beauty retreat will explore the way God is revealed in artists, the arts, and the audience. We will attend musical and dramatic performances, and visit museums, exhibitions, and artists throughout Greater Boston—all with a focus on how the arts bring greater glory to God. We will also try our hands at incorporating God in our own artistic processes. Students on this retreat will attend a variety of events. Various venues include museums, concert halls, theaters, churches, etc.  
  • Soul Food Retreat

    A retreat based on food, fun, community, and life. We will visit local restaurants and cook together.

    Sample Schedule:
    • Food As An Experience - We will visit Yume Wo Katare in Porter Square to eat the largest bowl of ramen in Boston in order to "achieve our dreams" (

    • Slow Food In our fast-paced lives, how can food help us to slow down, to savor, and to reconnect in all parts of our lives? We will spend the day preparing BBQ in a meat smoker, which can take upwards of 6 hours. We’ll also choose recipes, go shopping for ingredients, and prepare sides for our BBQ dinner. 

    • Hospitality and Connection - The students will prepare a meal, serve the meal, and then enjoy the meal with students at Nativity Prep’s after school program. 
  • St. Louis Homeless Retreat Project

    A retreat in daily life, this retreat requires participation in four Thursday afternoons as well as participation in Christmas in the City for first semester or four Thursday afternoons as well as participation in the Good Friday Walk second semester. The students take part in the mission of the St. Louis Project, bringing simple meals to the homeless living in the Boston Common and engaging them, hearing the stories of their lives, and honoring the dignity of their humanity. The students will reflect on their experience. 
  • Movie Retreat

    This retreat introduces students to the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius through the lens of movies. Students will watch at least four movies that highlight a particular theme within the Spiritual Exercises. Following each movie, there will be conversation centered on analyzing the film; however, the focus is on watching the movies – the experience of which is prayer itself! This retreat takes place on campus.
  • Photography Retreat

    The Photography Retreat will walk through the book "God is at Eye Level: Photography as a Healing Art" by Jan Phillips. 
  • Domestic Service and Immersion/Retreat Experiences

    Click here for more information on Domestic Service Immersion/Retreat Experiences through the office of Justice and Service Initiatives.

    Click here for more information on International and Service Immersion/Retreat Experiences through the Hyde Center for Global Education.

Sean Manning '15

"Kairos is a powerful experience -- the equivalent to an emotional roller coaster. It is formative, powerful, and rewarding. There is nothing more fulfilling than watching the slow work of God take hold in someone's life."