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St. Louis Project

The St. Louis Project focuses on increasing awareness and advocating respect for human dignity of the impoverished, homeless, and hungry. Students respond to the call in their hearts to address issues of homelessness and hunger in the city of Boston by preparing simple meals and distributing them to the homeless in a group of peers, centering their work on building friendships through conversation and prayer.

Program Description

The St. Louis Project provides students and adults a weekly opportunity to serve our sisters and brothers struggling with homelessness, poverty, and hunger in our Boston community. We gather every Thursday after school to make a small meal consisting of a sandwich, water, and snacks.  The group then receives a brief orientation and joins together in prayer before journeying together on the T, taking the Red Line from the JFK/UMass stop to Park Street. Once in the Commons students distribute the food in small groups of 4-6 students. While we provide individuals with food, the main focus is building relationships through conversation and prayer. After all the food is distributed the smaller groups rejoin as a large group and reflect on the experience. The program ends at the Park Street T Stop. 

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  • History of St. Louis of Toulouse

    St. Louis of Toulouse, from where the program gets its name, was of royal means and would often take food from his castle and give it to the poor. When he was imprisoned as a result of a political conflict, he ascribed to the teachings of the Franciscan friars, and stood directly by the marginalized. In our program, we attract inspired individuals who share a passion for the mission of St. Louis: to use one’s own privileged means to serve those impoverished, hungry, sick, lonely, and homeless, and provide a truly human connection.
  • St. Louis Project & the Mission of BC High

    The St. Louis Project was founded by Alex Braun, David Coletti, Paul Howard, and Trevor Schramn, of the BC High class of 2013. The St. Louis Project hopes to increase awareness of the human dignity of the homeless, hungry, and impoverished within our community, importantly advocating respect and love for our brothers and sisters in need. The St. Louis Project is both an interactive and spiritual project, in that it not only entails direct service work but through reflection and building lasting relationships with the individuals we encounter and serve we are living out the mission of BC High to create leaders of “competence, conscience, and compassion,” – “men and women with and for others.”

Contact Us

For more information about the St. Louis Project, please contact Campus Ministry at 617-474-5170.