Faith and Service

Montserrat Mentor Program

The Montserrat Mentor Program at BC High seeks to provides a space for students to build a loving community outside the academic classroom. The program seeks to foster an atmosphere of trust and acceptance, while addressing a wide range of topics about navigating the complexities of high school development.

Throughout the year, juniors and seniors meet in large, class assembly settings, and freshmen and sophomores meet in small groups with a mentor. The adult leaders are devoted to helping each student identify his role(s) within the BC High community, thus modeling and making the Graduate at Graduation credible and available.

Goals of the Program:

  1. Encourage and discuss involvement in a variety of extracurricular activities.
  2. Provide opportunities for healthy peer interaction.
  3. Develop and foster greater class identity and spirit.
  4. Increase intramural excitement and involvement.
  5. Provide institutional accessibility through information sharing and dissemination.
  6. Offer practical advice to enhance the whole-school experience.
  7. Create a forum to discuss significant issues impacting the community.

On the Journey

Montserrat, the mountain monastery, was a pivotal stop during St. Ignatius' conversion and pilgrimage. It was here that St. Ignatius surrendered his sword and armor for the pilgrim's habit and staff. When Ignatius famously laid down his sword at the foot of the Black Madonna, it symbolized surrendering his old life and obstacles to sainthood, and so the metaphor here is that our students are given an opportunity to lay bare their own obstacles and walls.

St. Ignatius discovered a safe place to begin his perpetual growth as a pilgrim and he picked up the pilgrim's staff; likewise, our students are offered a place to grow and an opportunity to reflect on their journey in life and through high school.

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