Faith and Service

Service and Justice Initiatives

Community service is an integral element in the formation of the character that is at the core of all our educational endeavors and is a vital expression of the Jesuit ideal: “to educate men and women for & with others.” As such, it is viewed as essential to the overall educational and formational curriculum of students at BC High, with each class year having its own service program; completing all programs is a requirement for graduation.

Immersion Experiences

The Office of Service and Justice Initiatives organizes several service & justice awareness immersion experiences throughout the year, each delivering a unique experience for the student participants.

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St. Ignatius of Loyola

"What have I done for God? What am I doing for God? and What MORE can I do for God?"

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Amanda Adamczyk
Director of Service & Justice Initiatives

Ron Perry, SJ
Assistant Director of Service & Justice Initiatives