Faith and Service
Service and Justice Initiatives

Immersion Experiences

Immersion experiences allow students the opportunity to be completely immersed in a culture and a reality that is different from their own. They will be confronted with injustice and come to know the individuals, families and communities that are directly affected. 

The aim of our immersion experiences is not to build houses or to serve, but rather to enter into a relationship of solidarity. This relationship then leads to a deeper awareness of injustice and a more profound understanding of the meaning of discipleship.
In recent years our students have traveled to Syracuse, NY, Camden, NJ, New Orleans, LA, as well as participating in a local immersion here in Boston. Upperclassmen are invited to apply to participate in a 3-day social justice workshop, the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice, held annually in Washington DC.
Want to know more about our International Service Immersion programs, visit the Hyde Center for Global Education.