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National Anti-Racism Teach In

We’re going VIRTUALfor 2020!

In the interest of health and safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, the NART conference will be held virtually this year. While we will miss seeing our friends and colleagues in person, the speakers and participants will connect online to continue the good work against racism.


Registration for the General Conference is now closed. For more information, please contact, Colleen Carter, Vice President of External Relations at [email protected]

Schedule of Events

We hope you can join us for this important opportunity, to listen, learn, and grow.

Teen Experience

Registration for the Teen Experience is now closed. For more information, please contact, Colleen Carter, Vice President of External Relations at [email protected]


The Anti-Racism Teach-In is a national anti-racist conference and global movement designed to identify, analyze, and challenge racism and white supremacy.
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This explosive gathering will feature symposiums and teach-ins with some of the nation’s most notable and celebrated anti-racist educators, school leaders, scholars, religious leaders, and thought leaders. Because anti-racism requires critical examination, thinking and learning, this non-traditional conference aims to also provide a platform for educators, innovators, organizers, creatives, practitioners, and organizational leaders to gather together and explore issues of racism and white supremacy in America and beyond.

NART is hosted by Boston College High School, in collaboration with national partners dedicated to anti-racist re-imagining, thinking, and learning for future growth and development.

The national teach-in includes pre-conference symposiums, general sessions with notable anti-racist practitioners, and dozens of practitioner-led workshops, extensive group work, and dialogue sessions.


Anti-racism requires a clear understanding of historical racism and white supremacy. It is crucial to see this history not as separate, but as a foundational element of American history.

Racism is the norm. Racism and white supremacy exist today and all members of this society are active participants in it. No exceptions. Owning this truth, and recognizing the presence of racism in ways that may be easy to overlook is crucial.

Anti-racism is our responsibility. The work of anti-racism, based in the knowledge of our past and the recognition of our present, requires intentional, deliberate action. We must challenge, check, and change our equity systems and structures for equity every day, and this requires a life-long commitment. It is the work to actively engage in dismantling systems of racism and white supremacy.

Jack Hill

Founder and Facilitator

Jack Hill brings to racial and social justice work the perspective of working as a classroom teacher, social commentator, educational leader, activist, facilitator, writer, and child advocate. He is an award-winning journalist and expert on race and education.

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