President's Welcome

Dear Friend,

As a way to introduce the school, I want you to imagine the future and assume that you have graduated from BC High. Now imagine that you are involved in the profession of your choice and you are introducing yourself to others, sharing your background and education. I can predict that many times when you state that you went to BC High and received a Jesuit education, you will encounter recognition, respect and affection

because our graduates are leaders: in the business world, in the press and media, in the arts, in the military, in the religious life, in the sciences, in technology, and especially in the community. It is truly a goal of our school and of Jesuit education to prepare our young men to be leaders-- to engage the world, not just to observe it.

Respect because Jesuit schools are known for creating a program that calls for excellence in all things. It goes back to our founding documents that demand "cura personalis," that is, that we form the whole person: sound in mind, spirit and body.

Affection because the experience of going through this challenging education and formation will create a bond with members of your class, fellow BC High graduates and with graduates from Jesuit schools around the world that will last a lifetime. 

Back to present. We are offering you this kind of education because we want you to flourish, to do well. And yet we also want more. When the first Jesuit schools were founded more than 450 years ago, their goal was to do God's work. The schools would help save souls and reform the cities. In other words, by providing opportunities to develop good habits and virtues, students would become men of good character. People of good character are those who will see that justice is done in our communities and our world.

We see you as agents of good in the world. We see you as working ad majorem Dei gloriam," for the greater glory of God.

Come join us.
Bill Kemeza