High School Curriculum

To meet the educational challenges of today, BC High draws on 150 years of experience combined with over 450 years of Jesuit heritage. Our rigorous academic program is based on the classical roots shared by the world’s great leaders and thinkers. 
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High School Curriculum

As an urban school that has traditionally provided educational opportunity to recent immigrant groups, BC High remains true to its original mission by seeking a diverse and integrated student body. Our programs seek to prepare all students for college and for life.

As you develop your intellectual competence, you will be encouraged to explore your academic interests and use your knowledge of diverse subjects to help for the role you will play in the world. Our community is dedicated to helping you build your confidence as your formulate your own thoughts and ideas about the world around you. You will learn to articulate your perspective in a supportive, nurturing environment while also being open to your classmates' ideas.

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  • Graduation Requirements

    • English | 4 Credits | 1 course each year
    • Religion | 4 Credits | 1 course each year
    • Language | 3 Credits | 3 courses of the same language during the four years
    • Mathematics | 3 Credits | 3 courses during the four years
    • Social Studies | 3 Credits | 3 courses during the four years
    • Science | 3 Credits | 3 courses (2 of which must be lab courses) during the four years
    • Fine Arts | 1 Credit | Coursework and/or performance in school-based activity adding up to 1 credit