Summer at BC High

Family Service Trip to Guatemala

In partnership with the Hyde Center for Global Education, we are pleased to announce our first family service immersion experience to Guatemala. 
Date: July 15- July 22
Location: Guatemala
Price: $3000 per person (one child/one adult)

School the World is a Boston based non-profit dedicated to improving primary school education in rural Central American communities. As part of their mission, School the World offers a Service Learning Program for U.S. high school students and their families. This BC High parent & student trip will be headed to Guatemala to build a play facility at an existing School the World primary school. This playground will add an additional component to the learning environment focused on social and cognitive skills.

During this 9-day adventure, the group will learn about education and poverty and experience School the World's strategy in action as well as experience Guatemalan culture and history. The group will build the play facility from the ground up which includes cement work, decorating and placing sets, etc.

Aside from service and cultural exchange, the group will also visit local Mayan ruins, the largest open air market in Central America, hike a local volcano, and visit Antigua. 

Contact Us

John Lynch
Director of Summer Programs
(617) 474-5180