BC High Golf Classic

BC High Golf Classic Video

This year's Golf Classic was held on Monday, October 15, 2018 at the Wollaston Golf Club in Milton MA. Thank you to all our guests for an incredible day on the course!

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10/15/18 Golf Classic

Congratulations to our Golf Classic Foursome Raffle Winners!
Black Rock Country Club, Hingham | Donated by: Richardson Family ‘P21, ‘24
Winner: John Knapp '88

Boston Golf Club, Hingham | Donated by: Paul Fulchino ‘64
Winner: Michael Driscoll '67

Brae Burn Country Club, Newton | Donated by: Jim McGaugh ‘88
Winner: Terry Corrigan '72

Charles River Country Club, Newton | Donated by: Jim Monahan ‘74
Winner: Tom Kenslea '74

Charles River Country Club, Newton | Donated by: Mike Vaughan ’87 P’18, ’22
Winner: Paul Donato '95

Cohasset Golf Club | Donated by: Welsh Family P’22
Winner: Jim Fitzpatrick '78

Cohasset Golf Club | Donated by: Charlie Flint ‘73
Winner: Tom Fitzgerald '02

Oyster Harbors, Osterville | Donated by: Paul Donahue ‘53
Winner: Joe Murphy '74

The Country Club, Chestnut Hill | Donated by: Tom Hynes ‘57
Winner: Colin O'Leary '04

TGC at Saconnessett, Falmouth | Donated by: Chris Carney P’18
Winner: Ed Finocciaro '74

The Kittansett Club, Marion | Donated by: Jim Hickey ‘63 
Winner: Craig Carter '95

Wellesley Country Club | Donated by: Dan Kenslea ‘71
Winner: Pat Leahy '97

Wollaston Golf Club, Milton | Donated by: Dan Shea ’84, P’13, 16
Winner: Fred Sterritt '65

Woodland Golf Club, Newton | Donated by: Brian Oates ’89 P’21
Winner: Matt O'Brien  '04

Woods Hole Golf Club | Donated by: Rick Flynn ’76 P’05, ’07, ‘10
Winner: Joe Dydzak '02