There are a number of ways to give back to the school as an Alumni Volunteer as you’ll see listed below. It may be as simple as attending an alumni event or reunion, volunteering as a Class Agent or Reunion Class Agent, or just returning to campus for a game or an event. By choosing to participate, you’re taking an active role in the life of the BC High alumni network. 
If you wish to assist BC High as a volunteer, please review the activities below which may be of interest. Please know that in providing this information in no way obligates you. In the future, you’ll be contacted to pursue your involvement, according to your wishes and availability.

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  • Class Agents

    Every class needs a few graduates to take the lead on getting fellow classmates together on an annual basis. It may be a simple after-work social in Boston, or as involved as a class golf outing in Florida. Each class is organized differently, but BC High needs Alumni leaders to assist as Class Agents to keep track of missing classmates, help increase participation in the The Fund for BC High and to update class email lists. 

    Class Agents play a vital role in maintaining ongoing communication with the school, and many grads from each class can help. You don't need to commit to spending a lot of time to make an immediate impact. To sign up and help out, contact Matt Curran '89 at 617-474-5036 or at

    Below are additional details about the role of the Class Agent:


The Roles of BC High Class Agents

    • To build the participation rates of class donors through a broadening of the school’s donor base.
    • To increase the number and amount of gifts to BC High by classmates.
    • Provide advice and counsel on building the Class Agent Program.
    • To serve as a resource for identifying and soliciting prospective additional Class Agents.
    • To service as an ambassador for the school in regards to Admissions and prospective student applications. Help to identify top quality applicants from the surrounding region.
    • Help foster good public relations and promote BC High to the public.
    • To further the mission and goals of Boston College High School.

The Responsibilities of BC High Class Agents

    • To make a personal commitment to BC High through a donation to The Fund for BC High.
    • To be committed to the mission of BC High and growth of The Fund for BC High.
    • To be knowledgeable of BC High’s mission, programs, services, and goals.
    • To screen class lists and identify potential donors and volunteers for the school, particularly noting alumni with increased potential and a need for stewardship.
    • Personally solicit classmates for gifts to the school, aiming to retain past donors, welcome new donors, and increase the size of individual donations.
    • Attend at least two Class Agent meetings/events throughout the year.
    • To locate lost classmates in order to provide the Advancement Office with updated email addresses, cell phone numbers, and mailing addresses.
    • Encourage attendance from classmates at BC High events, including reunions and other on and off campus activities.
    • Communicate regularly with the Office of Institutional Advancement for guidance and support. 
  • The Fund for BC High Volunteer

    Approximately 15,000 alumni consider a gift to BC High each year. Each one of them is well known to one or more of you. Tuition revenue has never supported the full cost of education at BC High and generous alumni philanthropy – past and present – has always provided the difference. Many current students would not be able to attend BC High if it were not for the ongoing support of financial aid through the The Fund for BC High. You, as graduates, know BC High best and can help care for its future. You can assist by personally contacting five to ten classmates each year to encourage their participation in The Fund for BC High. 
  • Reunion Committee

    Help contact your classmates for special reunion gatherings every five years or sometimes more often than that – it is up to you and your class. Help track down missing classmates and update your class email directory.

    Reunions are held for the 5th year classes and then every five years following. Once graduates have reached their 50th year reunion they are encouraged to work with the Advancement office to hold annual or bi-annual luncheons to keep classmates connected. Some classes meet at Amrhein's in South Boston and some meet at The Freeport Tavern in Dorchester.

    To get involved contact Matt Curran '89 at 617-474-5036 or
  • Host a Regional Alumni Event

    You can give back to BC High by offering to host a reception for BC High alumni in your area. This could be a simple breakfast meeting at your office, dinner for a small group at your home, cocktails at an exclusive club or any type of event that helps to gather ten or more BC High alumni, parents & friends.

    If you have an idea about a future gathering in your area please contact Matt Curran '89 at 617-474-5030 or at

Contact Us

To get involved, contact Matt Curran '89 at 617-474-5036, or