Arrupe Athletics

The Arrupe Division offers seventh and eighth grade student-athletes the opportunity to compete in selected interscholastic sports each season. Similar to the high school philosophy, athletics in the Arrupe Division is an extension of the classroom, where the teacher (coach) strives to support the overall mental and physical development of the student-athlete.
At the seventh and eighth grade levels, athletes will develop fundamental skills to improve their overall abilities during this period of growth, and experience the value of teamwork, respect, hard work, and humility.

Below, you will find important information for Arrupe families and students including the season overview, tryout information, and expectations for our student-athletes:

Information for Families

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  • Season Overview and Tryouts

    The Arrupe athletic season is shorter than the high school season, as BC High understands that the time commitment for middle school athletes should be less than high school. All schedules, directions, and up to date changes to the season can be found on the BC High website.

    Fall Season
    Mid-September: informational meetings and tryouts/start of season
    • Cross Country: no tryouts, no cuts
    • Football: tryouts and cuts
    • Soccer: tryouts and cuts
    • Rowing
    Winter Season
    Mid-December: informational meetings and tryouts
    Early January: start of season
    • Basketball: tryouts and cuts
    • Hockey: tryouts and cuts
    Early January: informational meetings and start of season
    • Swimming: no tryouts, no cuts
    • Wrestling: no tryouts, no cuts
    Spring Season
    Late March: informational meetings
    Early April: tryouts/start of season
    • Baseball: tryouts and cuts
    • Lacrosse: tryouts and cuts
    • Rowing: no tryouts, no cuts
    • Tennis: tryouts and cuts
    • Track & Field: no tryouts, no cuts
    Tryout dates for each season are announced well in advance to the start of the season. Unfortunately, some Arrupe teams do make cuts. Each student will be given at least 3 days of tryouts. Students who are cut from a sport are encouraged to try another sport, or keep playing their sport in their town league, and come back the next year to tryout again. A student who is injured prior to tryouts can still be given 3 days of tryouts, granted they have a doctor’s note regarding the injury.
  • Pre-Season Requirements

    All students who wish to try out for an Arrupe athletic team must meet the following requirements prior to attending a tryout:
    1. Must complete a yearly physical, and return to the Nurse’s office. Physicals may be no older than 13 months.
    2. Must complete a yearly Concussion ImPACT test taken on-line by the student-athlete, which is also recommended for all parents.
    3. Must have a Pre-Participation Form completed by a parent or guardian prior to each season your son plays a sport.
  • Games and Practices

    Similar to high school athletics, the Arrupe athletic teams are governed by MIAA and BC High rules and regulations. Middle school student-athletes need to commit to the entire season, and cannot miss practices or games because of outside teams/groups. If a team member is absent from practices or games because of an outside sport, organization or family vacation, he will face a penalty under MIAA rules. Student-athletes are responsible for any uniform, equipment, or gear that is issued to them by the school. Lost or damaged items will be subject to reimbursement by the student-athlete. Locker room areas will be kept clean at all times, and all gear must be properly secured in the locker room designated for the respective team. All team members must use a BC High lock on the locker to ensure security of belongings.

    Most Arrupe teams practice weekdays after school, as there will be very little to no weekend commitments. Most practices will be completed by 4:30 p.m., although games will end later in the afternoon/evening.

    On game days, student-athletes are expected to represent BC High in a classy and dignified manner. Sportsmanship is expected from each of our players, and they must show respect to all coaches, teammates, opponents and officials. Athletes must travel with the team to any contest that is away, and may travel home with their parents or guardians following the game if the parent or guardian speaks with the coach. Any team member who wishes to travel home with someone other than their parent or guardian must have an accompanying consent letter.

Other Opportunities

The Intramural Program allows students to enjoy friendly competition, learn fair play, and how to have fun in an organized way.