High School Athletics

As part of a long-standing tradition of success, leadership and sportsmanship, our high school athletics focus on character-building and strong work ethic for each of our student-athletes. As a member of the Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA), our varsity athletic teams compete at the Division 1 level, with many teams competing in the Catholic Conference.
At the high school level, there are 17 sports with varsity and sub-varsity levels for student-athletes to get involved.

Below, you will find important information for high school families and students including the season overview, tryout information, and expectations for our student-athletes:

Information for Families

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  • Season Overview

    Most interscholastic sports teams have three levels, which include varsity, junior varsity, and freshman teams.

    Fall Season
    The fall season begins at the end of summer, for the following sports:
    Cross Country*

    Winter Season
    The winter season begins the Monday after Thanksgiving for the following sports:
    Indoor Track*
    Swimming & Diving

    Spring Season
    The spring season begins the third Monday in March for the following sports:
    Ultimate Frisbee
    Outdoor Track*

    *No-cut sport

    Season Overview
    • Some sports require expenses; uniforms and equipment that are not purchased by the student are school property and must be returned at the end of the season. Lost or damaged items will require a reimbursement to the school.
    • During the season, student-athletes should not participate in an out-of-season sport. MIAA and school violations will be incurred for unexcused absence from athletics.
    • During the season, your son must be in good standing with the school in order to participate on the team. Athletes should be leaders in the classroom, and their academic standing should be strong during the season. Poor grades, excessive or unruly behavior, and unexcused absences are examples of why students may be excluded from play.
    • If your son has any concerns during the season, they can speak with their coach at any time. All coaches at BC High are accessible. The protocol for parents and athletes who have concerns about playing time, or any other matter, is as follows:
      • The student must speak with the coach one-on-one, as we want our student-athletes to be able to speak for themselves
      • If the athlete is still not satisfied with the response from the coach, the next step would be a meeting with the athlete, coach, parent/guardian, and athletic director. During this meeting, the athlete is still the person leading the discussion on why the meeting was called.
    • Any form of bullying, hazing or sexual harassment will not be tolerated and should be reported immediately to a coach or an administrator.
    • Student-athletes who are disciplined by the school for any infraction may also face discipline in their sport if the infraction occurs in-season
    • The Drug, Alcohol & Tobacco Policy supported by the MIAA is also strictly enforced at BC High.
    • Arrupe students are not allowed to play on high school athletic teams.
    • Any injury sustained during the season, whether at BC High or at home, should be reported to the Athletic Trainer or School Nurse immediately.
  • Pre-Season Requirements and Tryouts

    Students who wish to tryout cannot miss any of the tryout dates due to outside activities. Tryout dates for each season are announced well in advance to the start of the season. For teams that make cuts, athletes will be given at least three days of tryouts for their sport. A student who is injured prior to tryouts can still be given 3 days of tryouts, granted they have a doctor’s note regarding the injury.
    All students who wish to try out for an athletic team must meet the following requirements prior to attending a tryout:
    1. Must complete a yearly physical, and return to the Nurse’s office. Physicals may be no older than 13 months.
    2. Must complete a yearly Concussion ImPACT test taken on-line by the student-athlete, which is also recommended for all parents.
    3. Must have a Pre-Participation Form completed by a parent or guardian prior to each season your son plays a sport.
    The toughest thing any coach does over the entire season is to make cuts. If your student is cut from one sport, he can join another sport that season as long as the second sport is a no-cut sport; students cannot go from cut sport to cut sport. Students are encouraged to speak with the coach if they are cut, so they understand what they should work on for the next year.
  • Games and Practices

    Student-athletes are expected to attend all practices, games and team meetings. If a team member is absent from practices or games because of an outside sport, organization or family vacation, he will face a penalty under MIAA rules. Student-athletes are responsible for any uniform, equipment, or gear that is issued to them by the school. Lost or damaged items will be subject to reimbursement by the student-athlete. Locker room areas will be kept clean at all times, and all gear must be properly secured in the locker room designated for the respective team. All team members must use a BC High lock on the locker to ensure security of belongings.

    On game days, student-athletes are expected to represent BC High in a classy and dignified manner. Sportsmanship is expected from each of our players, and they must show respect to all coaches, teammates, opponents and officials. Athletes must travel with the team to any contest that is away, and may travel home with their parents or guardians following the game if the parent or guardians speaks with the coach. Any team member who wishes to travel home with someone other than their parent or guardian must have an accompanying consent letter.

Other Opportunities

The Intramural Program allows students to enjoy friendly competition, learn fair play, and how to have fun in an organized way.