Strength and Conditioning

The Strength and Conditioning Program at BC High is designed to enhance each athlete's sports performance and success in their program. Coaches work closely with the Athletic Director, Athletic Trainers, and Head Coaches to create effective plans that address specific seasonal and individual needs.
The goals of the program are to create healthy, resilient, well-conditioned, and mentally tough athletes and teams all year-long. We achieve this through progression-based training programs and a fitness education curriculum called the AWEMASSED System. We strive for excellence and quality with each rep and firmly believe in five core principles.

The Trapilo Weight Room

Our weight room is named in memory of Steve Trapilo '82, an alum, coach, veteran NFL player, mentor and friend of BC High. The Trapilo Weight Room is a state of the art 3,000 square foot facility located adjacent to the McNeice Pavillion. The weight room boasts turf, 4 half racks with pull up connectors, 3 cages, 2 portable squat racks, 2 pulley systems, 4 benches, 6 portable benches, multiple bars, dumbbells, kettlebells, battle ropes, med balls, prowler sleds, bands, and lots of extra space.

Five Core Principles

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  • Do No Harm

    Our most important goal is to keep participants healthy and progressing as athletes. Our progression-based system revolves around this principle, by carefully selecting and “periodizing” training variables with the goal of mitigating the risk of injury and improving performance. With mastery over one’s own bodyweight, controlling single limbs, and an increased work capacity athletes are able to progress into general strength in compound exercises, introduction to power and speed drills, and higher intensity conditioning methods.

    We aim to encourage mature and resilient student-athletes and teams through high expectations, recognition, and positive reinforcement.
  • Get Stronger and Address Imbalances

    We stress the basics of strength and put a priority on mastering one’s own bodyweight before introducing exercise variations. We believe in a consistent, basic, progressive strength training that follows a strict progression with exercise selection based on 5 levels to ensure proper lifting technique. Our goal is to balance out the movement patterns and emphasize the importance of all movements and muscles, but we focus primarily on squats, hip hinges, presses, pulls, loaded carries, and core stability exercises.
  • Move Better

    Proper movement patterns, posture, and alignment are often the missing links to feeling better, moving better, and getting leaner and stronger. We first assess joint function and movement through a movement screen. Then, we apply corrective exercises, tissue treatments, mobility, stability, and flexibility drills to the pre or post-lift period of the workout, the rest periods between lifts, and even on off-days. Finally, we re-assess movement to gauge improvement.
  • Prepare for the Next Level/Life

    Many athletes from BC High will go on to collegiate athletics. It is our goal to effectively prepare our athletes for the next coach/sport/training program. If our athletes have become proficient with basic movement patterns, are mobile and stable, and have a strong core and posterior chain, then college strength coaches will be able to more effectively train these athletes. Other preparation methods include proper nutrition, recovery methods, and mental preparation. Our athletes will learn how to eat right, sleep better, and how to show good sportsmanship. We also believe that morning workouts are essential to off-season training, and prepare athletes for morning training at the collegiate level. Once athletes and students have learned the basics to nutrition, sleep, and training, they will be able program their own workouts and live a healthier lifestyle.

Arrupe Strength Club

The Arrupe Strength Club is a bodyweight-based introduction to the strength and conditioning program for grades 7 and 8 that takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 2:45 p.m. during the school year. This club puts an emphasis on mobility, stability, core strength, band and bodyweight exercises, and play.

The Arrupe Strength Club will meet in the Walsh building, McNeice Pavilion, or outside.

Summer Clinics

Our summer Strength & Conditioning program runs for an 8-week, two-hour per day summer session for both Arrupe and High School boys and girls.  

The camp provides coaching technique with an experienced staff, a written program focused on injury prevention, movement assessments, explosiveness, strength, and conditioning. We also provide information on nutrition, mental toughness, and healthy living.

Click here to learn more or to register for the 2017 Strength & Conditioning Program.

Contact Us

For more information about our Strength & Conditioning Program, contact Steve Kiely '02, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, at