Mothers' Guild

Established more than 40 years ago, the Mothers' Guild is an association of mothers and guardians of BC High students. It is committed to serving the mission of the school through service to the BC High community.
The Guild works to fulfill its mission by hosting a variety of its own and school-sponsored events, and by offering programs for not only mothers and sons, but also for guardians and fathers as well. Its aim is to provide a source of information and an opportunity to foster development of fellowship and friendship. It seeks to achieve its goals by creating environments that stimulate and contribute to reflective, spiritual, social, interactive, and inclusive atmospheres.

How to Join the Mothers' Guild

To join the Mothers' Guild, complete the Mothers' Guild Membership Form below and and send the completed form with membership annual dues of $30 to:

Michelle Kelliher
c/o Boston College High School
150 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston, MA 02125

2017-2018 Officers

Jennifer Anderson, 617-750-7105
Anke Herbert, 617-910-8807

Co-Vice Presidents
Michelle Hettinger, 412-996-0414
Deanna Magill, 617-538-1948

Karen Mullin, 617-872-2079

Recording/Corresponding Secretary
Maggie Begley617-460-0235

Membership Secretary
Michelle Kelliher, 617-306-6114

Past Presidents/Advisors
Kerry Peroni, 508-208-9571

Coordinator for Mothers' Guild Webpage
Jennifer Anderson, 617-750-7105