Parent Leadership Associates

Members of the Parent Leadership Associates (PLA) represent the geographic range of our student body, and collectively have sons from every class in the current school year. The group actively seeks to have an array of BC High experiences and viewpoints on the committee. Usually each spring, new members are chosen either via nomination or by volunteering and then being confirmed.
Together, Associates lend their perspectives, voices, and talents towards reaching our goal of inspiring 100% of current parents and guardians to make their own gift – of any amount – to The Fund for BC High. We see ourselves as a community of companions in our sons’ journey. Every gift made by a BC High parent is a vital and beautiful piece of that path. Associates hope that every parent chooses to make a gift.
Because they themselves are asking parents to join them in making a donation to The Fund for BC High, each Parent Leadership Associate has also made his or her own annual gift. PLA members are also members of the Magis Giving Society and are recognized alongside several hundred other donors for having made an annual gift of $1,500 or more.


New members generally begin in the spring, though it is not required to begin at that time of the year. New members are chosen either via nomination or by volunteering and then being confirmed. The PLA meets regularly and is often joined by school administrators. Members of the PLA will be well-equipped to serve as ambassadors throughout the school community.
Participation in other areas of the BC High community is strongly encouraged, as it strengthens the entire community. These areas include formal Parent groups and others (e.g. parents of students in the arts, athletics, other co-curriculars). Members are also encouraged to attend community events as scheduling allows, including masses, community coffees, guidance events, and more.
As members of the PLA and also of the Magis Guild, associate members will be invited to attend various parent leadership events throughout the year, including President Leadership Receptions or Dinners in homes around the greater Boston area. Additionally, committee members are asked to help support the goals of the Office for Institutional Advancement and participation in the implementation of annual parent events:

  • Hosting an informal welcome coffee or reception in their home for newly-matriculated BC High parents/guardians during the summer or early fall or attend such an event as a co-host
  • Help plan and execute a spring fundraising event when appropriate
  • Attend and assist in other Advancement events (e.g. Senior Parents Reception, Welcome events, etc.), and possibly others.

Boston College High School is grateful for the sacrificial efforts of our Parent Leadership Associates, who have tirelessly given their treasure, time, and talent in support of our students – many of them for many years. Thank you!

2017-2018 Members

Eleanor Greene P'18, Jamaica Plain; Chair
Tammy and Bill Miracky P'19, '21, '23, Newton; Vice Chairs
Maggie Begley P'18, '20, '22, Boston
Robin and Gary Bigley P'18, '20 Plymouth
Deb Bowen P’18, Cohasset
Christine Clancy P'22, Plymouth
Maura Curran P'19, '21, Hanson
Tracey Finch P'17, Milton
Marianne & Bob Fitzpatrick P'22, '22, Cohasset
Michelle Freeman P'19, Milton
Nikki Galibois P'20, '21, Kingston
Katie Harold P'18, '21, Scituate
Barbara Lewis P'17, Boston
Gabi Lowe P'21, '21, Boston
June Matte P'15, '17, Boston
John Meunier & Jim Flanagan P'20, Boston
Katie Norton P'21, '22, Milton
Joan Nunes P'15, '21, Canton
Andreea and Chris O'Connell P'22, Dorchester
Bridget Rice P'21, '23, Milton
Florence & Dave Richardson P'21, Hingham
Kateri Steele P'22, Hingham
Elise Thomas P'19, '21, Boston
Susan Whalen P'16, Charlestown
Tracey & Peter Welsh P'23, Cohasset
Carolyn & Mark Wiesenhahn P'21, Milton

Interested in Joining?

Class vs. Class Standings
 as of midnight 11/30/17
CLASS TOTAL # of DONORS (+increase from last count)
2018 57 (+5 from 11/29)
2019 62 (+6)
2020 66 (+5)
2021 138 (+8)
2022 58 (+4)
2023 61 (+4)

Contact Kim Jennings P'21, Director of Parent Giving and Engagement, at for more information.