Mothers' Guild

Established more than 40 years ago, the Mothers' Guild is an association of mothers and guardians of BC High students. It is committed to serving the mission of the school through service to the BC High community.
The Guild works to fulfill its mission by hosting a variety of its own and school-sponsored events, and by offering programs for not only mothers and sons, but also for guardians and fathers as well. Its aim is to provide a source of information and an opportunity to foster development of fellowship and friendship. It seeks to achieve its goals by creating environments that stimulate and contribute to reflective, spiritual, social, interactive, and inclusive atmospheres.

8th Grader John Brennan Medical Fund

In October 2019, BC High 8th grader John Brennan suffered a brain hemorrhage.  He underwent multiple brain surgeries and spent 5 weeks in the ICU.  He faces further brain surgery.  He is on a long and miraculous road to recovery.  He and his family would benefit from the help and support of the BCHigh Community.

Please consider donating to his medical fund, by clicking 

Mother's Guild Senior Scholarship

Each year, the Mothers’ Guild has the privilege of awarding scholarships to several deserving seniors. All senior students are invited to apply. A minimum of five $1,000 scholarships will be awarded. Please email completed applications by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 1, 2020 to Pauline De Simone at Except for the week of February 16-23, 2020, you will receive confirmation within 24 hours that your application has been received. For applications submitted between February 16-23, 2020, you will receive confirmation of receipt by February 25 th. If you do not receive confirmation, please call her at 617-875-2617, to ensure that your application did not go to a spam folder. The selection committee will review the student applications on a blind basis. Award recipients will be announced at the Senior Awards ceremony in April, 2020. The Scholarship application is available on the Mothers’ Guild webpage which can be accessed through the Resource Board or the Parents tab of the school website.

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How to Join the Mothers' Guild

To join the Mothers' Guild, complete the Mothers' Guild Membership Application online and submit your credit card payment for the membership annual dues of $30.


Nadine Donovan 617-791-4282
Emily Duffy 617-669-4567
Tracy Politano 781-264-3549
Co-Vice Presidents
Pauline De Simone 617-875-2617
Stephanie Gordon 443-538-4247

Karen Mullin 617-872-2079

Recording/Corresponding Secretary
Maggie Begley 617-460-0235

Membership Secretary
Joanna McCormick 774-644-1390

Past Presidents
Jen Anderson 617-570-7105
Michelle Hettinger 412-996-0414
Deanna Magill 617-538-1948

Class Representatives

Grade 7
Jackie Jaeger 617-901-4551
Rebecca Costa 781-296-7140

Grade 8
Caryn King 617-515-8770
Tamara Prudente 508-728-6754
Shirley Straface 617-407-4766

Martha Lane 781-724-8164
Erin Waldner 617-834-2917

Mary Beth Doyle 781-363-2379
Joanna McCormick 774-644-1390
Patricia Petrillo 781-789-1610

Nancy Ann Mealey 617-817-9231

Karen Cass 617-388-4427
Mary Kerrigan 617-548-6249