Parent Leadership Associates

The Parent Leadership Associates (PLA) is a group of parent volunteers who work with BC High's Advancement office to raise money for The Fund for BC High. 

They come from all areas of Boston and every grade is represented. 

Become a Member

To be a member of the PLA, parents must:

  1. Make their own gift to the Fund for BC High
  2. Be willing to help us reach out to fellow parents to ask them to also support BC High. 

We only meet a few times per year and activities are concentrated to short periods during the school year. And we have lots of fun, too!

Become a member of the PLA by volunteering or by being nominated by a current member.

Email Kim Jennings P'21, Director of Parent Giving & Engagement, to volunteer or request information.

2019-2020 Members

*as of November 2019

Maggie Begley P'18, '20, '22 
Robin Bigley P'18, '20 
Gary Bigley P'18, '20 
Christine Clancy P'24 
Marianne Fitzpatrick P'22, '22 
Eileen Flaherty P'22, '24 
Kimberly Gill P'19, '21 
Brendan Gill P'19, '21 
Stephanie Gordon P'21 
Claudia Granville P'24
Katie Harold P'18, '21
Alec Hugo P'24 
Holly Linton P'21, '21 
Gabi Lowe P'21, '21 
Bonnie Mackool P'23
Christy MacLetchie P'25
Kathy McCormack P'22
Tammy Miracky P'19, '21, '23 
Bill Miracky P'19, '21, '23
Katie Norton P'21, '22
Joan Nunes P'15, '21
Andreea O'Connell P'22, '25
Chris O'Connell P'22, '25
Melissa Reilly P'24
Nancy Roth P'23
Kateri Steele P'22, '24 
Rob TeDuits P'23
Elise Thomas P'19, '21
Gregg Thomas P'19, '21 
CiCi Van Tine P'24
Tracey Welsh P'22
Peter Welsh P'22
Susan Whalen P'16
Carolyn Wiesenhahn P'21
Mark Wiesenhahn P'21
Jeanne Wolf P'22, '23

Interested in Joining?

Contact Kim Jennings P'21, '23,  Director of Parent Giving & Engagement, at for more information.