About BC High

As a world-class, independent Jesuit preparatory school, BC High has formed leaders across every field- and every walk of life- for more than 150 years.

Citizens of the World

Starting in 7th grade and continuing throughout high school, BC High students tackle complex, relevant subject matter within an academic environment that celebrates collaboration, creativity, and multidisciplinary thought.

Our challenging curriculum combines the best contemporary learning models with a reflective spirituality that fosters students' knowledge - both of the wider world and of themselves. Our location in the dynamic city of Boston plays a vital role in exposing students to a variety of experiences; our extensive Jesuit network expands their horizons across the globe.

BC High students graduate fully committed to succeed at college and in their careers. More importantly, they emerge as caring and compassionate citizens of the world, committed to justice. They are members of a brotherhood who act in the spirit of our Jesuit founders: for the greater glory of God.

Patrick Downes

Man For Others