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Athletics Philosophy

Our Mission

The physical well-being of all BC High student-athletes and our guests is our priority. Our goal is providing the best medical care for a return to the classroom and athletic participation in a thorough, timely, and the safest manner possible. We provide services that include:





The Graduate at Graduation

Our student-athletes, as well as the coaches, are on a continuous journey to emulate the Graduate at Graduation. The BC High mission must be part of every department, and in the Athletic Department, the school’s mission should be a pivotal piece of our identity and philosophy:

  • Open to Growth

    Student-athletes should be acceptant of other viewpoints as they continue to grow in their pursuit of excellence. Coach review each season to see if their athletes improved over the course of the season, and are able to learn about the game they play.

  • Intellectually Competent

    The student-athlete will be reminded that academics come first at BC High. Doing well in the classroom is a priority for our athletes, which is supported by our coaches. In the same regard, learning on the playing fields is also important. Student-athletes and coaches are expected to grow in their pursuit of athletic knowledge in their sport.

  • Religious

    As a Jesuit, Catholic school, BC High seeks to ensure that all athletes to understand that the Man for Others motto can be witnessed in sports. Treating coaches, teammates, referees, and opponents with respect is crucial in the student-athletes overall development and understanding of sportsmanship.

  • Loving

    A healthy environment for any team is one where respect and support are encouraged. When teammates treat each other with respect and dignity, it leads to a positive atmosphere.

  • Committed to Doing Justice

    Many hard decisions are made by student-athletes and coaches over the course of the season. The outcome should be fair and consistent for the overall good of the school.