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Who attends BC High?

There’s no such thing as a “typical” BC High student. The young men who attend our school come from all backgrounds. We strive for as much diversity on campus as you’ll find in the Boston area itself—so there’s no predicting who your new best friend might be.

Our students may have different interests, skills, and dreams, but we prefer to look at what they have in common. All are curious, passionate learners, more interested in exploring deep questions than in memorizing facts. They’re dedicated to pursuing goodness by forming relationships and leading by example.

If this sounds like you (or like someone you want to be), we think you could be a great fit. No matter your faith, race, ethnicity, socio-economic background, sexual orientation, or learning style you’re welcome at BC High.

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Profile of the Accepted High School Students

  • 41%

    Of students identify as a person of color

  • 80

    Zip codes around Massachusetts represented

  • 19

    Languages/dialects spoken at home

Profile of the Accepted Arrupe Division Students

  • 24%

    Of students identify as a person of color

  • 67

    Zip codes around Massachusetts represented

  • 15

    Languages/dialects spoken at home

The Jesuits, a Roman Catholic religious order, founded BC High as a school for new immigrants to Boston. Due to its emphasis on prayerful reflection and serving those in need, our students embrace the Jesuit tradition of being contemplatives in action. BC High students who actively practice other religions or who do not consider themselves religious find the Jesuit ideals of reflection, service, care for the environment, and social justice as pathways to broadening their own faith and perspective on the world.

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