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NFT Art Contest

NFT Art Contest 

In partnership with Sarson Funds, the Jack Shields ’79, P’06 Center for Innovation hosted its first technology series. The Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and NFTs Series consisted of three programs led by Mr. Jahon Jamali ’99, Sarson Funds CMO, who founded Sarson Funds with classmate Mr. John Sarson ’99.

After hosting our students for a field trip earlier this year, Mr. Jamali returned to BC High to lead three sessions – Introduction to Blockchain, Cryptocurrency & Financial Inclusion, and NFTs. Following the final session on NFTs, we launched the NFT Art Contest with the Student Arts Council. Students submitted artwork with an innovation theme to compete for inclusion in BC High’s first NFT series.

The Student Arts Council developed contest guidelines, reviewed submissions, and named the winners. Notably, the students decided to donate the proceeds of the NFT series to an organization that supports the arts. Funds raised will be donated to Americans for the Arts.

To view and acquire one of BC High’s first NFTs, please visit our page on OpenSea. Both “Out of Tune” and “Jet Wash” will be auctioned off. We will provide a framed physical print for both as well. Ten editions of “Expectations” and 100 editions of “Save the World Cow” will be sold at a fixed price.

Pease reach out to [email protected] with any questions.


About Sarson Funds

Sarson Funds is an independent provider of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency marketing and educational services focusing on the financial professional community and their clients.

Sarson Funds believes that disruptive innovation deserves unbiased thoughtful education. In collaboration with their investment manager partners, they work to bring Wall Street standards for research, risk management and transparency to digital asset investing.

Sarson Funds works with your existing Financial Advisor to determine if an allocation to cryptocurrency is right for you.


Gold Medal Winners Circle

out of tune

Out of Tune – Thomson Soutter ’26

Nature and our environment are out of tune. The drawing depicts a girl tuning a guitar that represents the earth and its ecosystems.



Jet Wash

Jet Wash – Colby Soutter ’24

A shuttle is leaving earth in search of a new planet. But what we are looking for is what we already had. Instead of taking steps towards healing our world, we are turning our heads and hoping that hidden answers suddenly reveal themselves. There are things to be learned from exploration and from staying put. Either way, real change starts with each one of us.

Silver Medal


Expectations – Max Gravallese ’24

Even though these doorsteps from deep in Beacon Hill don’t seem like much, I feel in a weird way that these two doors depict how I (and I assume many others) feel today, when trying to live up to expectations (academic, sports, friends, etc.). Even though I didn’t plan this when taking the shot, I noticed afterwards, and thought of how the door to the right seemed to be an improved version of the left door. I think sometimes we or others hold ourselves to be perfect, better versions of ourselves, often unrealistic, just like this ‘perfect’ door, and we simply can’t. We try to be a ‘door’ that we simply are not meant to be, and often disappoint ourselves when we realize that we are in fact this left door.

Bronze Medal

Save the World Cow

Save the World Cow – Ryan Esfahanian ’24

Saving the world from pollution and animal cruelty.