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Academic Resource Center

Academic Resource Center

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We believe that all students have the ability to succeed academically with the right support, and we value what students with neurodiversity bring to our community. In the ARC, students with all levels of skills and need are accepted, cared for, and supported.

The ARC offers the following services:

  • One-on-one check-ins with ARC staff to discuss academic progress
  • Individual or small group instruction in Executive Functioning skills (planning and organizing work, time management etc.) and study skills using researched based strategies
  • Assistance with personal goal setting
  • Encouragement with the development of self-advocacy skills
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Creation of Student Support Plans for students with identified learning challenges requiring academic accommodations
  • Assistance with the coordination of educational or neuropsychological evaluations through public schools or private practices
  • Coordination of testing accommodations for standardized tests (PSAT, SAT, AP and ACT exams)

These services complement the academic support students are given by their individual teachers and advisors.


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Applying for Academic Accommodations

For academic accommodations to be granted, families must complete a request and submit written documentation supporting the need for accommodations. Appropriate documentation includes:

  • An active IEP or 504 from a previous school
  • Neurophsychological Testing completed within the last 5 years

Please note that having academic accommodations at one’s previous school does not guarantee that BC High will honor or provide the same supports. When making determinations about academic accommodations, we take into consideration the resources we have available to our student body, and our ability to successfully implement specific academic supports.

Students who receive academic accommodations through a Student Support Plan may be scheduled in the Academic Resource Center twice a week for a check in with an ARC staff member. During this check in, ARC staff members meet with students to discuss their progress, review their grades, and identify an assignment(s) they can work on for the duration of the period.

Students may also be scheduled in the Academic Resource Center upon the recommendation from their Head of House or School Counselor.




Academic Accommodations 

BC High provides academic accommodations in the classroom for students who have a documented need. Standard accommodations provided include:

  • Extended time of +50% for assessments
  • Preferential seating closest to the area of instruction
  • Regular check ins with Academic Resource Center Staff
  • Assessments can be taken in the Academic Resource Center
  • Use of computer for written assignments
  • Use of audio books

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Peer Tutoring Program

BC High has a robust peer tutoring program for students in grades 7-12. The goal of the Peer Tutoring Program is to provide students with additional support outside of the classroom, in addition to meeting with their teachers for extra help. Students can receive tutoring in academic subjects (Biology, Algebra, History, English etc.) as well as executive functioning and study skills (test preparation, homework planning & completion etc.).

BC High’s Peer Tutoring Program is staffed by volunteer student tutors, many of whom are part of the National Honor Society. Tutors volunteer to be available for two 45-minute sessions a week, either before, during, or after school. Peer tutors are matched with individual students based on availability and need for tutoring in a specific subject.

Students can request a referral for tutoring through their teacher, school & college counselor, or Head of House.

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City Connects 

City Connects is a school-based intervention program that connects each freshman student to the tailored set of prevention, intervention, and enrichment services they need to thrive at BC High. The City Connects program leverages the rich services and resources of the city’s community agencies and was developed through a partnership of community agencies, Boston College, and schools.

As part of the City Connects program, every 9th grade student is assessed for strengths and needs across multiple domains in order to develop an individualized set of services and supports that promote their academic and personal growth.

The City Connects program is implemented at BC High by the Freshman Connects Coordinator, who collaborates with teachers, school & college counselors, administrators, and Heads of House to support each individual student.


ARC Programming 

  • Saturday Study Sessions

    Saturday Study Sessions are held most Saturday mornings in the library. Students are referred for the session by teachers, school & college counselors, and Heads of House. Sessions are run by BC High Faculty and Staff, and they provide a structured environment for students to catch up on missing assignments, or work on assignments that are due the following week. Study session proctors work with students to plan out which assignments they will complete and monitor their progress throughout the session.

  • Writing Center

    The BC High Writing Center is staffed by student volunteer tutors before and after school. Student tutors are trained to peer edit student work and provide feedback related to grammar and mechanics, as well as structure, organization, and clarity of argument. Students can also utilize the Writing Center to get assistance with idea generation and planning before starting the drafting phase of the writing process.

    The Writing Center is open for students to drop in either before or after school. Students do not need an appointment to meet with a writing center tutor.

  • Academic Skills Workshop

    The Academic Resource Center hosts academic skills workshops open to all students throughout the year. Academic skills workshops focus on helping students hone their:

    • Writing skills
    • Study skills
    • Note taking skills
    • Organizational skills
    • Time management skills


Meet the ARC Team

The Academic Resource Center Staff includes: