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The Graduate At Graduation

The Graduate at Graduation

BC High students graduate with so much more than a diploma, you’ll have forged lifelong friendships, explored your faith, committed to servicing others, and developed a thirst for knowledge that will fuel you through college and beyond. Our graduates enter the world with grace, kindness, integrity, and all the tools for success. In addition, BC High develops the following key characteristics and qualities that reflect the tradition and ideals of a Jesuit education, no matter your background or future goals.

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  • Open to Growth

    Being open is the key to understanding the world around you, and facilitating growth in yourself, your career and future relationships. By graduation, you will be an open-minded individual: open to other cultures, adventures, travels, mindsets, knowledge, and challenges. This will allow you to appreciate the world more, and your role within it.

  • Intellectually Competent

    Your intellectual achievements at BC High will prepare you for a lifetime of problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, and debate. These skills will benefit you as a person, in the classroom, workplace and beyond.

  • Religious

    While we warmly welcome students of all faiths, a BC High education is designed to teach the basic tenets of Ignatian spirituality. By graduation, you will have examined your own beliefs, with a view to establishing an in-depth relationship with religious tradition and community.

  • Loving

    You will establish your identity; moving beyond self-interest and self-centeredness. Love will inform your actions. Even during trying times, you will be able to conjure warmth and appreciation for all and for everything you have been gifted.

  • Committed to Justice

    By graduation, you will have immersed yourself in diverse communities and will be prepared to commit justice for all. You will be thoughtful, responsible and motivated to live as a person for others.


The Graduate At Graduation