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Sound Mind

“At BC High, we aim to nurture each young man as a whole person— head, heart, and hands.

Our model of academic excellence goes beyond the traditional school experience to help you, as an individual, define your values and choose a direction in life that’s complementary to your strengths. Your passions will inspire a lifelong mission to serve the greater good.

Our process is Christ-centered and seeks to form men who live from the inside out, rooted in a distinct spirituality and commitment to serve others. It requires a deep understanding of what resides in your heart and the interior movements of your soul.

You’ll build confidence here, learning to formulate and express yourself in a supportive community, and develop intellectual competence through advanced educational practices which incorporate the arts, humanities, sciences, and mathematics.

To seal your success, you’ll be supported each year by a strong advisory and guidance program which ensures that you have what you need to thrive at BC High. You’ll develop the skills necessary to fulfill your own valuable and unique potential.”

– Principal Adam Lewis

Cura Personalis

Cura Personalis is a Latin phrase meaning “care for the whole person.” We respect all that makes up each individual.

Our goal in the Academic Resource Center (ARC) is to enhance the opportunity for all BC High students to strengthen their skills so they can accomplish their personal and academic goals.

Services available through the ARC include:

  • One-on-one check-ins to discuss academic progress
  • Individual or small group instruction in Executive Functioning skills (planning and organizing work, time management) and study skills using researched based strategies
  • Assistance with personal goal setting
  • Development of self-advocacy skills
  • Instruction in organization, time management, & study skills
  • Peer Tutoring
  • Creation of Learning Plans for students with identified learning issues
  • Assistance with coordination of educational testing
  • Applying for accommodations on college entrance exams (SAT, AP, and ACT)

These services complement the academic support students are given by their individual teachers and advisers.


Academic Resource Center

Corcoran Library

More than just a collection of books or a place to study, the Corcoran Library plays a key role in the life of a BC High student. It is constantly buzzing with young men as they tackle group projects, discuss what they are reading and watching, work through math problems. Students of all ages and interests flock to the library first thing in the morning, during lunch and after the last bell to study, meet and explore.


Resources & Facilities

The Corcoran Library has two computer labs for class use where they have the opportunity to learn computer programming, discuss digital photography or discover the library’s many resources. The library also has two quiet study areas, a courtyard, and a new Learning Commons where students congregate to work collaboratively.


Corcoran Living Library Lecture Series

First established in 2007, the Corcoran Living Library Lecture Series is made possible by the generosity of Joseph E. Corcoran ’53 as part of his donation to the BC High library. The speaker series fulfills Corcoran’s goal to create a “living library,” bringing noted contemporary authors and speakers to campus and talk with students face-to-face. These guests share their work and make it real, dispatching students, faculty, and staff outside BC High’s walls to serve as ambassadors for learning in the community.