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Jesuit Identity

The Jesuit Tradition

The Jesuit Tradition

What can you learn from the past? How can you apply it to the future?

In 1521, a Spanish soldier and nobleman named Ignatius Loyola suffered near-fatal injuries on the battlefield. While recuperating in his family’s castle, Ignatius had an epiphany: while daydreams of chivalry left him feeling empty, reading religious texts brought him joy. This inspired him to reject his life of finery and devote himself to the practice of “finding God in all things.”

His quest gave birth to the order of the Society of Jesus, commonly known as Jesuits, which swiftly grew as people across Europe took his simple, inspiring message to heart. By the time of his death, the Jesuits were operating nearly 100 schools— and now encompasses a worldwide network of more than 1,000 schools, ministries, and service organizations.

Over 500 years later, the Jesuit tradition has more meaning and impact than ever before. It’s a roadmap to help us make sense of an increasingly complex world, and a way of living that encourages us to always put others ahead of ourselves. The tenets are numerous, but these are a few  that we hold dear:

Ignatian Year hero image

Celebrate the Ignatian Year

Join BC High and the Jesuit network as we celebrate the 500th anniversary of the cannonball injury at Pamplona and the conversion of Ignatius.

Visit our Ignatian Year page to learn more!
Ignatian Year

Conscience, &

At BC High, you’ll develop
competence through a
rigorous program of
academics, arts, athletics,
and co-curriculars.

Jesuit schools seek to cultivate these three essential qualities. You’ll learn to listen to your conscience in our ministry and service programs, and temper these qualities with compassion for all of humanity and the planet.

Learn More about the Jesuit Schools Network

Contemplatives in Action

Saint Ignatius Loyola urged his followers to be “contemplatives in action,” working with people from all walks of life to develop true understanding and cultivate change. Today, we bring the ideal of contemplation in action to our classrooms, service projects and our way of being, moving confidently but thoughtfully through the world.

The Promotion
of Justice

Since 1975, the Promotion of Justice has been a central tenet of the global Jesuit mission, and a concrete response to an unjustly suffering world.

It informs the Jesuit community’s commitment to ecological legislation, and has spurned a global network of refugee relief services. At BC High, we promote justice through fearless, open dialogue and direct action with local not-for-profits and service organizations, such as Boys & Girls Club, My Brother’s Keeper, and Pine Street Inn.

BC High is fortunate to have a community of Jesuits living here on Morrissey Boulevard, many of which serve as teachers or staff members. Our community is enriched by their presence at sporting events, drama performances, and being fully engaged in the daily life of a school. While others serve in local hospitals, churches, and communities around the City of Boston.

The Jesuit Community at BC High

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