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A Bit on Technology

How can we use technology as tools for transformation? How can we utilize it to do more good in the world, and help move us toward greater social justice?

Technology is a powerful influence in every aspect of our lives. As 21st Century Jesuit educators, we are committed to intentional engagement—calling for discernment in recognizing the promises of connectivity, while not ignoring the problems of distraction. It is our goal to help you develop as thoughtful digital citizens, who approach technology with conscience, creativity, and the spirit of the common good as you’re building the skills necessary to compete in the world today.

How will the school help students use technology safely, responsibly and appropriately?

We strive to thoughtfully and intentionally engage with technology in our classrooms and to contemplate and act on its impact on the lives of our students. Students participate in individual classroom lessons on topics including ethics, well being, identity and reputation, media literacy, relationship management, privacy, legality and misappropriation of text, image and sound.

A Bit on Technology

1:1 Program

Since most coursework is distributed in digital form, we use iPads to enhance both the teaching and learning experience. In the Arrupe Division, our well established 1:1 program engages class material using various educational and subject-specific apps, along with the more commonly used, like Adobe Creative Cloud, Google G-Suite, Microsoft Office, and Canvas. The access to advanced platforms that we provide helps students develop skills necessary to be successful in higher education and beyond.

BC High uses Canvas, by Instructure, as our Learning Management System (LMS).


Canvas Logins

BC High uses Canvas, by Infrastructure, which helps you share content and interact with teachers throughout your courses. It conveniently interacts with over 200 educational apps as well.

The Canvas Parent app offers parents a view into everything important such as course announcements, assignments, due dates, feedback, and grades.

Campus Infrastructure

Our campus is fully WiFi-enabled, giving you access to the cutting edge technologies we use at BC High to connect and create. From group study sessions, to the gym, and cafeteria, the entire campus becomes a classroom for teachers and students alike.

Classrooms are equipped with projectors, AppleTV, and AirPlay, allowing teachers to stream/mirror multimedia content for greater class engagement. Auditoriums, gymnasiums and conference rooms also have multimedia display capabilities.

  • Printers

    Students have the ability to print wirelessly through PaperCut technology. This helps educate them on their own environmental impact and reduces unnecessary consumption.

  • Mac Lab

    The Mac Lab is used daily in our academic and extracurricular pursuits. With nearly 30 iMacs, the Fine Arts Department uses the Mac Lab for classes like Digital Filmmaking and AP Drawing. Film students use it for film and sound editing. Architectural Drawing uses Google Sketch-Up in the lab. And Algebra I with Java is practiced here, too. We also use the Mac Lab for research as well as library instruction, specifically effective navigation techniques, i.e. search terms, filtering results, citations etc.

  • Fine Arts Studios

    Studio 1 and Studio 2 each have multiple iMacs and full-color photo printers for use. iMacs in the studios are equipped with Photoshop Creative Suite applications including Lightroom, Photoshop, and InDesign, used in Mixed Media Design Honors, Digital Photography and Studio Art 2-D Design AP.

    Fine Art students also have access to a suite of applications and cloud storage.

  • Gregory E. Bulger Performing Arts Center

    Stagecraft, Acting and Film students often call the Gregory E. Bulger Performing Arts Center home. Here, we’re equipped with a Burger ETC 48/96 Lightboard and a Soundcraft GB4 Sound Board for all your dramatic and comedic needs.