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School & College Counseling

Bright Futures Begin Here

From the day you arrive on campus to the day you graduate, our renowned counseling program is there for you.

2023-2024 Boston College High School Profile

Whether it’s help selecting courses that match your motivations, or comfort during a challenging personal situation, you will find a wealth of support here.

Our wide-breadth of resources encompass individual counseling for all grade levels, academic counseling, along with group and individual college counseling programs for juniors and seniors — run by highly qualified, distinguished school counselors in both the high school and Arrupe Division. Experts in their fields, our counselors serve to ignite curiosity, build strengths, and set students up for long-term success.

The whole person approach at BC High shines, perhaps most brightly, in these support systems. We are here, both to lend a hand and to lean on, as often as you need.

In the Arrupe Division, students are championed by advisors and guidance counselors who ensure they are connected and thriving in their new community.

Throughout your time at BC High, our counseling team supports your day-to-day decisions and helps you navigate life’s challenges including one of your first major decisions – Finding The Right College.


Guidance, For Life

Stewardship, For Life

The school & college counseling department is wholly dedicated to your development and care. Our mission is to ensure that each student has what he needs to thrive throughout his education, and develop the skills necessary to fulfill his own unique potential.

Ready for Life

In partnership with the Heads of House, Counselors serve as trusted advisors, who know you well. They focus on practical needs on an individual basis, including:

Explaining the course selection process


Connecting students to academic support resources

Advising students on student/teacher relationships

Counseling students on peer relationships

Supporting students and families through challenging situations and decisions

Guiding students through the college selection process

Providing career information

We recognize that your needs in middle school will differ greatly from your needs in high school.

We also realize that as students, you have the ability to act as support systems for one another – whether you know it yet or not.

The Group Guidance program provides social, personal, and academic guidance in a group setting alongside your peers. With groups organized by class, topics are naturally relevant, designed overall to meet you exactly where you are in your journey.

  • Arrupe Division (Grades 7 & 8)

    Arrupe Advisory provides nurturing support for your transition to middle school and the BC High community.  We help you develop the skills necessary for academic and social growth, while creating a foundation for high school and beyond through frequent lessons on adolescent topics.

    Arrupe school counselors provide additional support in the following areas:

    • Building self-esteem
    • Developing social skills
    • Establishing academic strategies for success
    • Personal and family challenges
    • Loss
  • Junior Year

    Your Junior group sessions begin the process of looking ahead to college. Here, we focus on finding potential good matches for your individual motivations and the college application process in general. Specific topics include:

    • AP and Honors Applications
    • College Planning Timeline
    • College Search Criteria
    • Course Selection
    • Introduce College Essays
    • Online Resources
    • Standardized Testing Information
    • Summer Opportunities
    • Teacher Recommendations Discussion

    Junior group meetings take place once per cycle during the second semester, and are led by a school counselor.

  • Senior Year

    Your Senior group sessions are wholly dedicated to helping you manage the college search and application process. Specific topics include:

    • College Essay
    • College Specific Supplements
    • College Visits
    • Common Application
    • Factors in College Admissions
    • Financial Aid
    • Hidden Costs of College
    • Interviews
    • Letters of Recommendation
    • Online Resources
    • Sending Transcripts
    • Short Answer Essay
    • Standardized Testing Information
    • Stress Relief / Meditation
    • Transition to College

    Senior group meetings take place during the first semester, and are led by a school counselor. In addition to small group discussions, seniors meet individually with their counselor to talk about their individual college plans.

Helping You Go the Distance

Helping You Go the Distance

In addition to the stellar services available through BC High’s School & College Counseling Department, we offer our students even more help designed to complement the support that you already receive from nurturing teachers and guidance counselors. And why not? Occasionally, we all need some extra help.

School Counseling

As a student, your aim is to define what success means to you, and achieve it while excelling in a demanding academic environment.

As educators, our mission is to foster those qualities that support your success within all the spheres of BC High—academic, spiritual, and co-curricular.

Swing by the Academic Resource Center, and let us help you reach your mark, both by challenging and supporting you.

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Our services include:
  • Setting personal goals and objectives
  • Teaching self-advocacy skills
  • Instruction in organization, time management, study skills, test preparation, etc.