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Center for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Mission Statement

Human Diversity is a gift that BC High strives to promote, affirm, and celebrate.  As a Jesuit, Catholic school, we are committed to justice, equity, and inclusion as they are essential to meaningful learning, personal growth, and loving relationships.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are central to our mission. We are committed to building a community that respects and affirms all our members; honoring diversity of race, ethnicity, national origin, physical ability, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

2022-23 DEI Update

BC HIgh MLK Jr Prayer SErvice with Keith Motley, AJ Okereke, Grace Regan, Anthonny Docanto, Matthew Thompson

“We are trying to help our students leave our schools and make the world a better place. We cannot keep repeating the same history.” Dr. Gholdy Muhammad

“Education can’t save us. We have to save education.” Dr. Bettina Love

We are excited to share the annual MLK, Jr. Prayer Service. We returned to an in-person celebration this year and it did not disappoint! The students of the Black Latino Student Union, under the direction of Mr. Anthony Docanto ’15, Pro Head of House, Social Studies did a remarkable job in their production.

2023 MLK Jr. Prayer Service

Diversity Cabinet

Diversity Cabinet


The Diversity Cabinet is an Advisory Group that supports Administration and faculty and is mentored by the Director of Equity and Inclusion. It is comprised of the school’s top student leaders who have a passion for justice. The Diversity Cabinet examines issues (including but not limited to) of race, class, gender, sexual identity, and religion by identifying the issues that divide us, assessing the needs of the entire community, and organizing community action; all while developing and enhancing leadership skills.


• Continue to advise and support the entire community of BC High regarding issues of diversity.
• To inspire an environment to focus on what connects us as human beings rather than our differences.
• To continue to grow as leaders of justice and equality for all.



S.O.A.R. (Students Organized Against Racism) is a new phase of our school’s partnership with Courageous Conversations. Student leaders receive training in the Courageous Conversation protocol and are preparing to be facilitators for student discussion groups. The students in S.O.A.R. will be of service to lead conversations with their peers around race and other sensitive topics while also learning more about DEI initiatives within the community.

Affinity Groups

  • Black Latino Student Union

    Moderators: Anthony Docanto ’16, Ruth Evee P’18, ’22

    Student Leaders: Jason Bbosa ’22, Greg Cooper ’22.

    Mission – BLSU includes all students, including the Black and Latino young men, who care about the issues of justice for all. In addition for running events, the members support each other academically and emotionally, work to create positive atmosphere within our community, and stand up to situations of injustice: large and small.

    Arrupe Division BLSU (7th & 8th grade) strives to create community and promote equity for all. Additionally, BLSU provides an entry point for leadership opportunities where students can find their voice and gain confidence while fostering positive change within and outside the BC High Community.

    Arrupe students are encouraged to attend the weekly high school meeting as well as Arrupe specific meetings every other Wednesday

    • Meet every Wednesday morning (once a week)
    • Attendance: 12-25
    • Major event is MLK, Jr. Prayer Service and Luncheon with Diversity Group from Fontbonne Academy
    • Meetings are run by the student Board. Discussion of current events, check-in with each other, planning of upcoming activities, discussion of concerns around campus and support for each other, and discussion of societal issues that attempt to disrupt the achievement of Black males.

  • Catholic Gay Straight Organization

    Moderator: Charles Shaw

    Mission statement: This is taken from our official “Mission Statement” document, which was drawn up a few years ago when we were approved by the Administration:

    Mission Statement: “Always Our Brothers and Sisters” is a Boston College High School (BC High) student organization established in response to the 1997 pastoral message of the
    United States Bishops’ Committee on Family and Marriage titled “Always Our Children.” In the spirit of this document and mindful of our school’s Mission Statement—“As a Jesuit,
    Catholic High school, we strive to reflect the diversity of our church and community. Our mission since 1863 has been to form leaders of competence, conscience and compassion who
    seek to do all things ad majorem Dei gloriam – for the greater glory of God.”—“Always Our Brothers and Sisters” approaches the issues related to sexual orientation from a distinctly Catholic and uniquely Ignatian perspective by affirming the worth and dignity of all human persons.

    We meet every Tuesday afternoon after school from 2:45 to about 3:30.

    In the past we have organized annual ‘Pride Ally Days’ at school to promote an awareness of the LGBTQ+ community, challenges of that community in society, and encourage support.This year we are keeping it a bit easier and focusing on our weekly meetings.There are discussions about participating in the door design presentations.

    Mostly our group focuses on community building and providing a welcoming and supportive space for students to see each other. We discuss a lot of pop culture, music, movies, actors, and also many current events–laws/legislation/advances in rights/threats to rights/etc. The conversations are lively, engaging, and open to all.

    The Arrupe Division (7th & 8th grade) also has a CGSO that meets weekly for lunch, building a fun and relaxed environment where we might watch media with LGBTQ+ representation. During this time, we also discuss issues in society and look at how to make our school a more inclusive and welcoming place.

  • Cabo Verde Student Association


    The Cabo Verdean Student Association, choose to promote and preserve the Cabo Verdean culture and heritage here at BC High through educational fundamentals, such as discussion panels and lectures, and through social proceedings, such as cultural events and festivities.

    • Meet once a week
    • Attendance: 12 – 17 students
    • Due to Covid- 19 there has been no huge gatherings and or outings/field trips. There is nothing planned for the remainder of the 2020 – 2021 academic year.
    • CVSA Executive Board runs all the meetings. We have a planned schedule which encompasses – silent study, group work/tutoring, lectures, guest speakers, etc. At times it serves as a no judgment/safe space to escape the academic rigor and the reality of the day/week/year. Occasionally, we go off schedule to discuss current events/hot topics in and out of school. (e.g. politics, fatal shootings of unarmed black people, terrorist attacks, etc.)

  • Asian American Pacific Islanders Collective

    Moderator: Huy Huynh

    Asian Culture Club has rebirthed with a new name, Asian American Pacific Islander Collaborative (AAPIC). Our hope is to provide a space for Asian Americans to find their voices and be their best selves while at BCH and to stand in solidarity with other affinity groups. We are better together!

  • Hispanic Latino Association

    Mission: The Hispanic-Latino Association is a place where people of all ethnicities and backgrounds meet to celebrate what it means to be of Hispanic and Latin descent. Proud of our individual nationalities and the cultures that they represent, we are united as young men from Latin America and the Caribbean. Our goal is to share with and learn from one another and to share the richness of our heritages with the wider community while fighting for fairness and equity for all peoples regardless of race, religion, or background.

    We meet once a week (Thursdays, M205 if in person and on Zoom, at 7:45am)

    Total average attendance is approximately 15 people. We have a roster of 35 students total.

    We are holding an HLA Cultural Festival on Friday, April 30 and a 3×3 soccer tournament.
    When we meet we do any and all of the following:
    Discuss current events both in the USA and in the Latin world
    Share our accomplishments and excitement as well as frustrations and fears
    Play games that represent each of our cultures
    Listen to music from our cultures
    Enjoy Latin food
    Sometimes we just sit around and enjoy each other’s company.

  • Russian Language Club

    Moderator: Dr. Marina Rozenberg

  • Middle Eastern Club

    Moderator: Fr. John Predmore, SJ
    Thursday mornings each week at 7:45
    • Average attendance (virtual and in person). 2 to 3
    • We discuss current events in the middle east and any discrimination we feel.

  • Eastern European Bloc Club

    In the Eastern European Bloc club, our mission is to explore and celebrate the many cultures represented in our club. We aim to educate the larger BC High community on what it means to be from Eastern Europe and to share our rich heritages with all those interested.

    We meet in zoom once a month. This will change for Fall 2021.

    We enjoy sharing our collective stories with each other. We also discuss relative topics of BC High.

  • Celtic Culture Club

    Moderator: Pat McAllister
    Student Leaders: James O’Connor ‘23 & Emmet McElhinney ‘23

    Mission/Vision statement for group-Celtic Culture Club is open to all students grades 9-12 interested in understanding & exploring the impact past & present of all things Celtic: people, history, language, mythology, poetry, music, art, food, literature, movies, politics, sports, etc…

    • How often you meet-We meet every Thursday (Cadigan Studio #1 & Zoom) approx.. 2:50-3:30pm
    • Average attendance (virtual and in person)-We usually have 8-10 students per meeting approx. 3-5 students virtual & 3-5 students in person
    • Any large activities done or planning to do-We’ve simplified plans this year & have focused on student leadership & student lead presentations
    • What you do when you meet (that could be as simple as discuss current events)-Students prepare presentations and use presentations to ask questions & launch discussions. Examples from this year: Celtic History (James O. & Emmet M.), Celtic Language Maps (James O. & Emmet M.), Celtic Surnames (James O. & Emmet M.) , COVID in Ireland (Emmet M.), Irish Boxing (Jack D.), Bloody Sunday Anniversary Dublin 1920 (James O.), Bloody Sunday Derry 1972 (James B.), Irish Food (James O.), Step Dancing (Will V.), Traditional Celtic Music & Instrument (Ryan D.), Irish Punk Rock (Ryan D.), Shields Innovation Center Boston Challenge (P. McAllister) etc…

  • Armenian Culture Club


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