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High School

High School Curriculum

Prepare to Thrive 

Grades 9 – 12

When you come to BC High, you’ll be challenged with complex, relevant subject matter based on the classical roots shared by the world’s great leaders and thinkers. The environment is both rigorous and wholly supportive to deepening interests and developing intellectual competence. Young men emerge in four years’ time, prepared for success in college or any other path of their choosing.

With dedicated faculty, 21st-century technology, and an average class size of 22, you’ll be able to foster greater knowledge of both the world and yourself.

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Course Catalog 2024-2025
  • Classical Language

    As a product of the longest continuous civilization in western history, the classical languages serve as a liberalizing influence challenging him to stretch his horizons beyond the constructions of the “here” and “now.” They promote contact with the world, and the languages and customs of other peoples. From a traditionally prominent position in Jesuit high school curricula, the study of classics continues to hold a unique position. The student comes to appreciate the pursuit of excellence, the need for order, and the value of precise, organized thinking. We require the student of classics (Latin and Greek) to attain a high degree of familiarity with the civilizations of Greece and Rome, and thus to encounter in depth the roots of his own culture, language, and historical experience. He must examine and criticize the ideas, ideals, and patterns of thought brought to birth in classical times and still influencing, overtly or subtly, the processes of western civilization.

  • English

    The English program seeks to instill in students an affinity for language and a mastery of it by acquainting them with challenging literature and by encouraging them to explore their capacity for self-expression. It seeks to foster an appreciation for and a sensitivity to language and literature, especially as these endeavors expand the student’s awareness of himself; broaden and deepen his store of experience; and enable him to enter into communication not only with people of his own time and place but also with those of others. The English program also encourages students to form a system of values and to gain a greater comprehension of life, one based on the essential human dignity that informs great literature. The English program is intended to encourage each student’s growth and to enhance his ability to express the spiritual and emotional maturity he has attained.

  • Fine and Performing Arts

    The goal of the Fine and Performing Arts program is to develop the individual’s creative and expressive potential as it relates to creating and appreciating artistic work. The fine and performing arts experience seeks to provide students with the skills necessary to recognize and express ideas about an artistic experience and to develop sensitivity to and appreciation for aesthetics. These experiences should foster confidence and creative expression while leading to an awareness of the important role of the arts in the human experience. The department also strives to aid students in identifying their own artistic potential and in developing this to the level of skill necessary to move easily into a college arts curriculum.

  • School & College Counseling

    As part of a Jesuit, Catholic, college preparatory school, the Guidance Department is dedicated to the care and development of each student. The Guidance Department supports students with academic and personal counseling throughout their years at BC High. Counselors are focused on assisting students as they make decisions that will affect their education. The department strives to implement programs that will enable them to reach their full potential at BC High and beyond. In each grade, students are provided with appropriate academic and personal advising to ensure they have an optimal experience at the high school and are prepared for college. Members of the department offer academic counseling that deals with the students’ practical needs: study skills, student/teacher relationships, course selection, peer relationships, career information, testing, and college selection. Furthermore, the department offers a comprehensive college counseling program which involves: over 20 course meetings in Junior and Senior year, fall and spring college fairs at BC High featuring over 150 colleges and universities, individual presentations from over 115 colleges and universities, the chance to interview with over 22 colleges on our campus, and individualized support with the creation of a personal “College List” and applications. The department also sponsors summer college trips for students and hosts over 10 evening events for parents and students to help families navigate the intricacies of the college search and financial aid processes. Additionally, the Guidance Department provides personal counseling on a short-term basis to enhance a student’s knowledge and acceptance of self, as well as to support him in understanding issues and solving problems. The department furnishes referrals for students and families to outside counseling agencies if the need for more lengthy or specialized services should arise.

  • Mathematics

    The primary goal of the program is to use mathematics to develop in our students the confidence and selfesteem necessary to become students who can think logically and clearly. As Nikolai Lobachevski, one of the founders of non-Euclidean geometry, observed, “There is no branch of mathematics, however abstract, that does not eventually apply to the real world.” So too, the Mathematics department believes in the importance of making connections for the students from mathematics to the physical and life sciences, the social studies, and the humanities. As our world moves from an industrial to an informational society based on new technology, it is important not only to demonstrate the uses of the new technology, but to also demonstrate the large role that mathematical reasoning has and will have in the future.

  • Modern Language

    The Modern Language department believes that the teaching of a variety of modern languages enhances the goals of Boston College High School and, especially, assists in developing in the BC High student the characteristics expressed in the Graduate at Graduation. A degree of fluency in a foreign language and acquaintance with a foreign culture is a requisite for living in today’s multicultural American society and our increasingly interdependent world. To fulfill these beliefs, our students follow a rigorous and challenging curriculum.

  • Theology

    The theology curriculum works to develop knowledge, attitudes, and behavior of Christian faith, values, and service among our students within the Jesuit educational tradition. While students are expected to become familiar with the Catholic tradition, an atmosphere of open dialogue is maintained in our classrooms at all times. Our academic program provides opportunities for students to examine their own faith and to develop the leadership and community development skills of living faith out in the contemporary world.

  • Science

    Science is a dynamic, highly structured process of inquiry into the natural and physical world; science is not a static accumulation of facts. A sound science education combines the development of specific analytical skills, an appreciation of the historical path that led to our present perspectives, and an understanding of the relationship of science and technology to other aspects of human activity in our rapidly changing world. Thus, a solid science background is invaluable in finding creative solutions to complex human problems in any field.

  • Social Studies

    The philosophy of the Social Studies program is rooted in the idea that the study of history and the social sciences provides students with the basis to evaluate their world and their places in it. The role of the individual in actively shaping his world is at the center of student learning. The moral and ethical implication of their learning is emphasized. The curriculum focuses on a number of common themes: the democratic ideal, the diversity of world societies, the interdependent nature of global events, the significance of economic and technological development, and participatory citizenship.

  • Health & Wellness

    During both their Freshmen and Sophomore years, all students take a six-week Health and Wellness course that provides healthy tools to help students navigate adolescence. In both courses, students will be exposed to an array of guest speakers (through our speaker series),who discuss topics ranging from stress and healthy coping, to building and maintaining healthy relationships.

    The Freshmen Health and Wellness course is based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs with the twenty lessons centered around the five principle tiers: physiological, safety, love and belonging, esteem, and self-actualization. Some of the various topics covered are; sleep hygiene, assessment of one’s personal health, improving personal fitness, managing stress, lowering the risk of infectious and chronic diseases, educated wellness choices, and healthy boundary setting skills.

    The Sophomore Health and Wellness course expands upon the topics covered in Health and Wellness I. In this course, students will be given the opportunity to sharpen the health and wellness knowledge they acquired in the previous course (Health and Wellness I) through a series of investigative learning activities and discussions. The central focus of the curriculum is to teach students how to make educated wellness choices.

High School Guidance

School & College Counseling

We understand the needs of freshmen differ greatly from those of seniors, so we take great care to give you the appropriate academic and personal advising each year to safeguard your experience and ensure that you’re prepared for success on campus, in college and beyond.

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Spotlight On:

Begley Scholars

The Father John Begley, SJ Scholarship was established by an anonymous donor who was enthusiastic about providing an opportunity for students to truly pursue a passion outside the classroom. The program is designed to deepen the relationship between student and mentor while exploring something that interests them, then creating a project that will enhance the learning experience for the entire BC High community.

2020 Begley Scholar

2022 Begley Scholars