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Daily Life

Want a sneak preview of life here at BC High?

Want a sneak preview of life here at BC High?

Ever since you got to BC High, you’ve been busy.

The strangers you met on your first day are now your best friends. Together, you’ve been asked to challenge yourselves constantly — in the classroom, on the field or stage, and in the world. You’ve tackled complex subject matter, won and lost important games, and have grown your conscience through service and ministry programs. You’ve even built a robot!

There’s no such thing as an average Thursday at BC High, but here’s a glimpse of how a few hours of your day might look.

Daily life 08:20 am

08:20 a.m.

After commuting in on the train with your buddies, it’s time for World History. This morning, you’ll help present an important group project on American foreign policy throughout the Cold War. Getting up in front of class wasn’t your favorite thing at first, but last year’s time spent with the Dever Players has gone a long way to boost your confidence.

You’re also looking forward to the class discussion around your report. The subject has lead to talk around the dinner table as well, having shed light on many of today’s headlines.

Daily life 12:00 pm

12:00 p.m.

Make your way to the Learning Commons for a Robotics Team meeting and hear that the robot you helped design has officially been accepted to compete in this years FRC Game.

The design challenges your team had to scale were immense. An error that persisted all season was finally solved after you collectively made the calculated risk to start over and re-program the robot from scratch. Your teams perseverance paid off and now you all have a chance to compete with other teams across New England. High five, Robotics Team!

Daily life 02:30 pm

02:30 p.m.

With classes over for the day, it’s time to join your friends and favorite faculty in the cafeteria to make sandwiches for the St. Louis project. Then, you’ll all ride the T to Boston Common together and share these simple meals with disadvantaged Bostonians.
Being a part of this ministry of presence is something you look forward to every week — and today, you’re hoping Jim will be out there, because you know how much he likes the turkey sandwiches in today’s bags.