Hyde Center for Global Education

Explore the globe.
Expand your traditional boundaries.
Let the world become your home.

The Hyde Center offers every student the opportunity to expand his traditional boundaries and truly take steps toward becoming citizens of the world. 

Becoming a Global Citizen

Established through a generous gift from BC High alumnus, Mr. Lawrence H. Hyde '42, in 2012, the Hyde Center for Global Education acknowledges and embraces the transformative nature of global experiences, 21st century learning, and the critical need to prepare students to be leaders in today’s global society.

Experience our 15 international partnerships by selecting a destination below:

The Jesuit Network

The Jesuit network consists of over 1,000 schools that span the entire globe.  As critical leaders in this network, BC High is able to offer unparalleled opportunities for students to not only explore the world, but to discover their place in the world.  So as we prepare to welcome students to BC High, we not only welcome you to our school, we welcome you to the world.

Matt Veale '15

"The best lesson that I took away from the trips to India, Tanzania, and the Dominican Republic is that no matter where we come from we are all intrinsically the same."