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Student Profile

John Giorgio

Winthrop, MA

Sports and Co-Curriculars:

Junior and Senior Mentor, National Honor Society, Cross Country, Devers Players, Guitar Ensemble, Liturgical Musicians (Choir and Band), Gospel Choir, Model UN, Business Club, Boxing Club

Favorite subjects:

Math and Science

College attending:

Boston College

Colleges applied to:

Princeton, Harvard, Cornell, Yale, Boston College, Holy Cross, Fairfield University, University of Connecticut

How you have commuted to school throughout the years?

I have commuted through a combination of driving and public transportation. By car, the commute was 40 minutes. By bus and train, it was twice as long.

Your proudest moment at BC High:

My proudest moment was when I delivered workshop sessions at BC High that I had developed at MIT’s Leadership Training Institute—a program I learned about through a BC High teacher. The sessions were called “Workshops for Truth” and their focus was to help students become more critical consumers of news and information, especially the kind received through social media. It was very rewarding given the amount of misinformation that we encounter daily.

What teachers or guidance counselors say about you:

J.P. has been gifted with intelligence and talent, and he applied these gifts to the service of others.  For years, he had shared his musical talent with the wider community, playing guitar at all-school Masses.  In class, he was good natured and respectful of his peers; he asked probing questions to understand multiple points of view.  He genuinely desires to understand God, himself, and others, in a deeper and more authentic way.

— Margaret Scanlon, Religion teacher