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Our Values

A Faith That
Does Justice

What matters most to you? What gives your life meaning?

At Boston College High School, we follow the Jesuit ideal of living compassionately in service of others. Here, you’ll ask tough questions in class, engage in meaningful service projects within your local community and in the far-flung corners of the world, and begin to integrate the quest for justice into all you do. You’ll question the systems that elevate some people while oppressing others, and you will work within a community of fellow justice-seekers toward a more ethical and inclusive world.

Throughout all this, you’ll find yourself slowly—or maybe not-so-slowly—looking at the world differently. By graduation, seeking justice will be intrinsic to your way of being.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Human Diversity is a gift that BC High strives to promote, affirm, and celebrate.  As a Jesuit, Catholic school, we are committed to justice, equity, and inclusion as they are essential to meaningful learning, personal growth, and loving relationships.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are central to our mission. We are committed to building a community that respects and affirms all our members; honoring diversity of race, ethnicity, national origin, physical ability, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.

DEI at BC High

in Action

How will you make a difference? How will you serve your community, your planet, and your vision for the greater good?


Community service isn’t an add-on at BC High. It’s an integral part of your academic and social life, seamlessly woven into your day-to-day.

Your commitment begins the moment you enter school, and each year you will devote more hours, thought, and attention to serving others.

Unique to the BC High experience, your service component involves both community immersion and the chance to process your experiences from a spiritual and religious perspective. In Grade 8, for example, you’ll spend a morning helping out at an assisted living facility or nursing home, followed by an afternoon of reflection and prayer within your advisory group and larger class. By Junior Year, you’ll spend at least 60 hours working directly with non-profit organizations that serve marginalized communities, and will process your experiences through multiple group reflection meetings and a written assignment.

As your annual commitment to service deepens, you will venture further into your local and international communities to understand the inherent ethical imbalances in the world. Through this work, you’ll not only develop the Jesuit ideals of competence, conscience, and compassion, but will begin to understand what you, personally, can do to correct injustice in our world.

Health & Wellness

Whether on the field, in the classroom, during exchange trips, on stage, or in the labs, at Boston College High School we support the growth of the whole person, making student health and well-being our priority. Our Health and Wellness initiative reflects this mission by guiding students to build competency in their intellectual, social, and emotional well-being. The goal is to prepare students to lead healthy, well-balanced lives and as a way to strengthen their existing relationship with themselves, and in turn, with others.


The St. Louis Project

In 2013, four BC High seniors launched the St. Louis Project, named for the French saint known for bringing food from his castle to share with the poor. As part of this ongoing project, students and faculty gather weekly to prepare sandwiches, water, and healthy snacks. They then travel by the T to Downtown Crossing, where they share these simple meals with local Bostonians struggling with homelessness, hunger, and poverty while engaging them in conversation. The group then comes together for reflection and prayer in the Common before taking the T back to school.

Students who participate in the project quickly learn that this is about more than just food. It’s about developing a deep compassion for individuals from different economic backgrounds, and learning to advocate for them in a way that’s authentic and understanding.