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Arrupe Division Celebrates Milestone

Named in honor of Reverend Pedro Arrupe, SJ, the Arrupe Division has become a rich community centered on academic distinction and Ignatian values. Over the past decade, the faculty has developed a rigorous academic program, challenging the students to understand complex concepts through teaching methods that match the strengths and interests of adolescent boys.  Those boys have constructed bridges, created cities, spoken other languages, and solved linear equations. They have also been part of many Ignatian traditions as they serve others and explore their spirituality.
Together, we have built a distinct community within the school, one connected to the high school but filled with its own traditions.  As in year one, Arrupe students begin the week with morning meetings and end each day with a shake out.  They run in the annual Turkey Trot, create clubs, and earn athletic victories.
We added to those traditions today by gathering together on the football field. The seventh grade formed a giant number “1” while the eighth grade formed a “0” to mark the 10th Anniversary.  After photos were taken, we went back inside and enjoyed cake.
Some of you have been a part of the Arrupe community for years. Your older sons came through Arrupe. Many of you have relatives, neighbors, and family friends who experienced middle school in Walsh Hall.  You may recognize some of the faces in the slide show below, but even if you do not, I am sure you will remember what the boys are doing.  Despite the lack of iPads in the early photos, the essence of Arrupe has not changed in the decade since we welcomed our first classes.
Thank you for entrusting us with your sons as we begin the second decade of the Arrupe Division.  Ten years from now, as the classes of 2032 and 2033 form a giant “20” on the football field, most of your sons will be out of college and entering a world that may look very different from the one we see today.  We are honored to help prepare them for that world.
Arrupe Slideshow – 10 Years
Bob Hamblet
Vice Principal, Arrupe Division
Boston College High School