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Don’t be a Distracted Driver

Distractology features a mobile classroom outfitted with two high-tech driving simulators designed to give new drivers the chance to experience the perils of distracted driving. Simulations are based on real-world examples, including texting, posting to social media sites like Facebook and Snapchat, and changing the radio all while navigating residential and highway conditions. This year, Arbella debuted a new scenario which prompts students to take a selfie behind the wheel.
“Over the past 7 years, Arbella’s Distractology campaign has made enormous strides in terms of combating distracted driving,” said Jane Driscoll Henesey of The Driscoll Agency. “The program is proven to decrease accident rates by almost 20 percent for participating drivers and we’re proud to support Distractology’s important mission.”
Thank you to Arbella CEO John Donohue and Vice President of Driscoll Insurance Dennis Driscoll P’18, ’18 for helping to secure this important real-world educational tool for BC High students.